Sage Words Sunday – Celebrate!

A combination of our need to drag ourselves out of the self-indulgent funk and Farm Girl’s Te Kura work (which turned up on Friday to the excitement of all except the mail man whose job it is to pedal the parcels to our gate) requiring photographs of a recent celebration got The Milk Maid thinking. It was time to stop with the negative vibes; it was time to pick ourselves up, accentuate the positive, and..well, any number of rousing song and dance routines.Β 

It was time to get out…THE CAKE PLATE!


Because nothing says “Party Time” like a plateful of home made fairy cakes, the good coffee cups and Kool and the Gang.

Altogether now:Β Celebrate Good Times, Come On! It’s a Celebration….

7 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Celebrate!

    • There’s nothing like that gorgeous, brand new feeling of Spring. Here we’re edging into Autumn and the promises that didn’t quite come true are very much in evidence πŸ™‚

  1. Fairy cakes – yay! At the local Wesley Hill market, there are fairy cakes with strawberries – talk about eye appeal! They sell themselves!
    I am glad to read you are finding the celebration in the everyday!

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