Sage Words Sunday – Catching Waves

The Homestead is situated about 350 metres away from one of the meeting points of the Pacific Ocean and the city of Christchurch. After 14 years living one and a half hours drive away from the nearest beach, we still revel in being that close to an evening stroll on the sand or a splash in the briny.Β It is only recently, however, that we have become brave enough to don a wetsuit, tuck a board under our arm and head down to catch a wave.


Farm Girl learns the art from the experts

Part of the kudos for this glorious discovery must rest with the lovely Princess Nikita whose catchphrase is definitely, “why the hell not?” Part also must go to The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation and Sumner Longboarders who gave Farm Girl (and the rest of us who surreptitiously watched from the water’s edge) the opportunity to learn how it’s done from the experts.

It has now become a Homestead obsession and our first choice for releasing the child within when the grown up world gets too much.Β 

Last Sunday The Farmer and Princess Nikita reminded us of the importance of this as we sampled their decadent Chocolate Cream Pie and listened to their top ten favourite children’s songs. No prizes for guessing Thomas the Tank Engine came in at number one πŸ™‚


There’s No Point in Being Grown Up If You Can’t Be Childish Sometimes – Fourth Doctor, Dr Who

11 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Catching Waves

  1. LOVE this quote. Putting it on my fridge. Even if I have no earthly about Dr. Who (except for the Tardis). Chocolate cream pie. Mmm. A favourite with some of us here.

    I could tell you a tale about our youngest and the quantity of chocolate pie she consumed just hours after being medi-vac’d from a cross-Canada flight for food poisoning. The resilience of youthful digestive systems is a thing greatly to be envied. Two slices. and ice cream. That was years ago but I’m still somewhat incredulous that she wasn’t sick all over again. Also that I didn’t stop her. I think I was just bemused.

    • We have those on the Homestead who adore the Dr and others – well, me – who only like it when the dialogue and story aren’t taken up with creepy characters πŸ™‚
      AS for the choc pie…I am in awe of your daughter. I could do justice to my portion by accompanying it with a very strong coffee.

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