6 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Proudly Feral

  1. Goat Herd, maybe? I’ve lost track of whose turn it might be, but this feels like Goat Herd…OK, maybe Princess Nikita, who looks like she may have a streak of independence in her. I’m absolutely certain about the dessert though – 100% deliciousness. In a teacup, yet. Perfect.

  2. What a great photo and a lovely quote! How clever to match the green in the cup with the camera! And I love reading the story about Isadora…always surprises fromt he Union Homestead! xo Johanna

    • You are so kind with regards to my hit-and-miss, pah!-I don’t-need-my-glasses-on photography style 🙂 To be honest, the family was keen to get stuck into the choc mousse so I pointed and shot, we ingested the goodies, then I looked at the photo with the camera and myself in it and thought “damn!” You have made me appear so clever and considered – thank you thank you thank you xxx

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