Social Engagement

Yesterday, we on the Homestead stepped out of our comfort zone, faced our demons, took a deep breath, girded our loins…and hosted a party in belated honour of Farm Girl’s eighth birthday. This truly was a Greater Love Hath No Man moment. You require proof? The last time we ventured into this twilight zone of social etiquette was when The Farmer (who celebrates 20 years of living and breathing next Saturday) turned five.

Way back in January, when school began for the year, her birthday seemed a very long way away. Surely by the time it rolled around we would have undergone some wonderful shift in collective personality and relish the idea of meeting the party expectations of a bunch of other people’s kids. It’s only fair, we told each other with increasingly manic, wild-eyed stares, Farm Girl be allowed to experience this basic social right.


Then, suddenly, the day was nigh and, despite the absence of any social enlightenment, we had a party to plan.

Oh the minefield we negotiated: goodie bags, an appropriate theme, how to cater to the  vegan/raw food/ gluten-lactose-dairy intolerant, how to meet all those party expectations.  It took a while for sense to reassert itself  but finally, after a great deal of consultation with the girl of the hour, a menu was compiled, appropriate party games identified, and a basic party agenda true to our anti-consumerist, low carbon footprint, simple life ethos drawn up.

We opted for the idea that less is more, and breathed a sigh of relief when the day dawned sunny.

On arrifval, Farm Girl’s guests were keen to peruse the Homestead livestock (who all behaved impeccably) before retiring inside for the opening of the gifts


and a rousing game of Pin the Tail on the Goat.


Such was the prettiness of the Princess Nikita drawn goat, that no one seemed to mind the absence of winner/losers/trinket-tat prizes

Then it was time for the party feast; a combination of old fashioned Farm Girl favourites


and fancy-schmancy, how-flash-are-we dazzlers


in the shape of goatie friands!

Then it was outside again for organised games on the Homestead driveway and/or monkeying about on the climbing frame before a couple of spirited games of Musical Mats (softer than chairs) to the Birthday Girl’s musical choice (“I’m a Believer” by the Monkees) and it was all over, Red Rover.

Children’s Birthday parties? Love them or leave them; but the broadness of the smile on Farm Girl’s face last night made us all very happy we’d bitten the bullet and given it a sociable whirl.


Happy Birthday to you, Miss Farm Girl xxx

10 thoughts on “Social Engagement

  1. Happy Birthday to Farm Girl! What a splendiferous cake – I love chocolate fingers, and is that a Frozen tumbler in the background? Sounds like it was a wonderful day for her, well worth the effort. And you did it all without a kitchen – you deserve a medal for that!

    • Yes, indeed, Farm Girl’s most cherished Frozen glass is in the background. I will pass on your birthday wishes.
      It was indeed worth all the worry, effort and general examination of our psyche but will we be doing it again next year? Not so sure.
      Oh, and the kitchen thing…so looking forward to it being a done deal!

  2. Well done and congratulations! I am so pleased I don’t ever, ever have to go through all that EVER again! You did marvellously and the photos look wonderful! My eldest daughter insisted on parties every year, with themes to begin with and then sleep-overs (sometimes camping in the garden). You realise (?) you may have started something that will be very difficult to get out of next year!

  3. Oh what a smashing party for a smashing birthday girl!! Well doen, I am so impressed. I will admit…i raised two boys with love and happiness, delighted in working with children…but always dreaded the birthday parties and cowardly resorted to prefab zoo and museum parties. I bow in awe! xo Johanna

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