Lovely Weather for…

While I don’t want to be yet another meteorological moaner, I just have to say it: What’s with the weather?!

The Homestead driveway is thinking about disappearing into hole of its own making in the face of all this water

It is now officially the wettest July in recorded history for our region which is all well and good, I mean you expect winter to be wintery and we’ve had a pretty good run of mild ones, it’s just that, not happy with soaking us and freezing us, the weather gods then threw in a spell of house thudding gales which had quite the affect on the Homestead. Unfortunately, said influence falls under the our-lips-are-sealed great excitement foreshadowing of earlier posts so enough said.

But this morning, the Homestead slowly woke to a whole new world. No more drumming of rain on roof, no splashing and gushing of overflow onto already sodden ground,

No hysterical quacking of overexcited ducks set on proving (and reproving) for whom it was lovely weather

No, today it was dry; not sunny, not warm, but…

this morning the wet weather gear could stay in the garage!

The exterior- dwelling Homesteaders, ducks excepted, were right there with us in heaving a huge sigh of relief.

But weather-euphoria also lead to some unsavoury behaviour.

You could be forgiven for thinking no good could come during such a deluge but you’d be wrong because we’d made it to the top of Wes-the-Plumber’s list. We can now report the Homestead is leak-free, complies with all council regulations and, after a long time debating, pondering and pontificating,

ready to host a bit of a bathroom makeover. Yep, we’re finally getting rid of the blue walls.

8 thoughts on “Lovely Weather for…

  1. I love the silhouetted tree against the distant mountains. I am sorry about your rotten weather but at least it did get you pushed up the plumber’s list. In every cloud etc etc. . . .

    That rooster argument looked quite bad so I am glad that it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

    • I was quite pleased with my mountain photo as it was a literal point-and-shoot as I was being energetically encouraged towards their food bowls. Roosters are a law unto themselves. I used to wring my hands and, once, attempted to referee…never again!

  2. Rooster battles – anytime we didn’t have enough hens to keep both cocks roosters fully occupied, there were fisticuffs. And their combs bleed so very easily….and they don’t understand the immunity that referees and umpires are supposed to enjoy.
    I too admired the mountain shot – very artistic.
    You are definitely have a wettish winter. When does spring start…because doesn’t that bring showers? Not the newly installed kind…which looks great.
    The beater looks a bit…beaten. Bitten. Whatever. Not very useful for cooking anymore.
    And I am looking forward to you unsealing your lips in excitement soon!

    • We definitely have 1 to many roosters having culled 1 already. Its just finding the time for me to process it – Im slow at it! Spring is a while off yet …and its usually wet.
      The whole beater thing nearly had me…beaten. Wonderfully and very oddly for us, as the mixer is relatively new the replacement was easily accessed but Colin and I were on shaky ground for a while.

  3. Hi, It is great to be able to read new posts and catch up with the Homestead goings on – pigs, goats, sheep, Colin, birthdays etc. I reckon with an impressive set of horns of her own, Sandra could one day give Marilyn a run for her money. Good luck with the impending births of the new Homesteaders!

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