That Was The Week That Was

I recently read a blog (wish I could remember which one – apologies if it was yours and I haven’t credited you with this brilliant idea) in which the writer had undertaken to take a photo a day on their phone camera. Their intention was not to produce images to make folk gasp in wonder, grace the pages of illustrious publications, or have folk shelling out to own then; her aim was simply to get her stopping and looking. She has found that, along with providing a great pictorial commentary of her everyday life, it has had the added, unforeseen benefit of teaching her heaps about the camera in her phone and this struck a chord with me. I am terrible at remembering to take photos and, when I do, I am often embarrassed at the quality of them. You folk know this as, if I have failed to bully our resident photographer into picking up the camera, you have been subjected to them. This sounded like a challenge I could do with embracing, so this week I bring you my haphazard photo commentary of the Union Homestead week that was.

This summer has been really dry but I steadfastly stick to my habit of daily watering, hose in hand. I could proclaim this is because I am mindful of water conservation or I find it easier to keep stock of how the garden is doing – both are true – but the real reasons are because I am terrible at remembering to turn off irrigation systems and worse at spearing any hoses within my gardens with carelessly wielded forks and spades (there is only so much that can be mended with duct tape). I was attempting to take an arty photo of me watering my beans (not easy when you are as dominant-handed as me) when this happened right in front of my nose (literally).

I will work on getting the subject to focus and not the background, but not bad for a beginner.

One way to get me really angry is to proclaim that sheep are stupid. I can feel my blood pressuring building even as I type this, but I will not harp on. Instead, here’s our dear Froda who has figured out water from the tap is way nicer than the stuff that’s been sitting in the trough all day, thus making me feel less bad about our shoddy hose fittings.

The photo doesn’t show the straw-in-the-bottom-of-the-milkshake slurping noises that accompany this practice

Homeschooling comes with it’s own unique issues – like the labrador who doesn’t understand he can no longer lie on your knee when you’re working on your ipad

“I love you, Colin, but I can’t see what I’m doing!”

Bookend photos: the day started dry and hot and blustery but by Colin’s evening walk time it was comfortably cool – with the sky telling all kinds of stories.

Thursdays we often catch up with the lovely Wawa’s who live across the directly across mighty Waimakariri River from us. From the old Homestead, this trip felt like a huge undertaking; another bonus to our new address. The conversation is reason enough to get together, but often there’s cherries (or blackcurrants) on the top

Friday was one of those wonderful stay-at-home days where you can really get your teeth into a project

So, that was the week that was. Hope you enjoyed my humble photographic attempt.

11 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was

  1. Gold stars for you, your photos are great I have the same issue with remembering the phone photo taking. Turning a hose off the same although we have tanks now so I am panic pedantic now. Love your menagerie including the photo bombing bee. Hope this week is awesome for you all.

  2. Lovely glimpse into your week…and those skies are looking a little moody, like the season is shifting.or something. I have yet to get a cell phone so my pictures are still done with a wee digital point and shoot.. Last summer I took pictures every week from the end of March to the end of September (Sundays) from the same vantage points around the garden. The plan was to then recompile them into zones, so I could see the progression – you know – Square Garden week 1, week 2, etc, Round Garden week 1 etc…but my attention span fizzled in September and they’re all still saved chronologically. But it is still fun to flip through them and see how things changed over 6 months. It was a lovely morning ritual through the gardening season to just wander the route and look at everything without getting down to pull weeds, or move hoses. I too would like to adopt “pandemic pendantic”….

    • Oh yes! Pandemic pedantic strikes a nerve here this morning as we’re back up the levels again. They say you’re only as string as your weakest link…
      Those little point and shoots were brilliant. Sadly ours (it was green and very funky) fell victim to the old “we no longer stock those chargers/batteries…obsolete…cheaper to buy a new one” rubbish.
      Love the idea of a progression of photos…takes the kind of dedication I seem to be short on at the moment. One day… Hope all is good at your place x

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