Naive Hippydippy Dreamers

While we may appear a little naive-hippydippy-dreamer when it comes to our chosen lifestyle, we are realistic enough to know there is no way you can participate in today’s world while living a totally self sufficient life. We like our cars, our labour saving gadgets, sugar, rice, and coffee to name but a few things that, however much we plant, cultivate, or upcycle, we are never going to be able to produce on our five acres. I did get a little excited, however, when browsing the Kings Seed catalogue last July; Cannellino Beans?! Maybe this could be one more small step towards paddling our own canoe; maybe we could grow enough to make a special Union Homestead batch of baked beans or minestrone soup or refried beans for nachoes.

So far the world’s bean producers are still guaranteed our custom

But who cares when you can wake up to this

The poor goat paddock garden, site of the gutsy, feisty, weed-fighting sunflower crop, really needs way more attention that it’s allotted. Somehow, it never bubbles to the top of the To-Do List but still plods along producing the sweetest tasting brocolli, creamiest cauliflower heads, and tightest cabbages; maybe they just love that battle against the odds. Of course, life is all about priorities; I’m happy with my trade off.

I’m happy with the choices I make and there’s still time for the chores

is there anything happier than a pig in mud?

with regular breaks to lean on fenceposts watching animal antics

or hang out together, shooting the breeze

It’s been a pretty run-of-the-mill week, here on the Homestead. The fleet is now back to full strength thanks to Macca and the team at Darfield Automotive; Farm Girl (under the guidance of her idol and outfitter, the God Girl) has added another horse, Red, to her list of rides; the pigs, in fact all the animals, continue to do all that is expected of them, the weeds keep growing along with the vegetables (and this morning I spotted another couple of bundles of pods drying on the bean trellis), and we still spend way too much time sitting around the table, drinking coffee, and dreaming.

What else would you expect from naive, hippydippies dreamers!

10 thoughts on “Naive Hippydippy Dreamers

  1. Nothing wrong with a run of the mill week – as a creature of routine myself, I’m all in favour. Also of sitting around swigging coffee and shooting the breeze…. A pig with a full trough might be marginally happier than a pig in mud – put a mud pit and a loaf of bread at the end of the paddock and see which one they go for first, lol. Just saying. The garden sounds amazing. Up here we’re just starting our earliest seeds indoors, but dreaming of those creamy caulis and sweet broccoli, not to mention feisty sunflowers. I must be a hippy dippy dreamer too.

    • You are so right: Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to a pig at dinnertime! I would count you as a fully paid-up member of our very select hippydippy dreamer club; welcome round our dining table anyday 😁

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