Sniff of Spring

Life is crazy busy. During lock-down, I promised myself I’d never let it get this rushy again, yet here I am; doing everything at the trot.

No time to sit at the computer and polish up a blog for y’all so I’m fumbling this out on my phone because I just have to share it.

Sitting pretty amongst the weeds

Out today, on the divine Miss Geraldine Goat’s grave.

Here on the Homestead, Spring is on the way.

11 thoughts on “Sniff of Spring

  1. Hi, July normally marks our deepest, darkest, coldest winter month yet this year, July decided to be early spring – complete with masses of wattles in flower, early jonquils, daffodils and blossoms. I don’t think anyone complained about the novelty of sitting out in the sun in July. August, our normal early spring, is turning out pretty well.

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