Just a Little Hoarse

So, a pony walks into a bar…

For those who have been following these ramblings for a while, guessing Farm Girl’s number one wish is a bit of a gimmee.

Proof that she is not quiet about her desire to own her very own equine arrived last Sunday in the middle of a torrential downpour and, no, we’ve not gone and invested in some Homestead Horseflesh. Not yet, anyway. Instead, Horse-riding Instructor Clare, a lady who strongly believes the best way to gauge the intensity of the dream is to have one in your back paddock for a while, followed through on her threat *ahem theory and Stitch has now been issued with his Union Homestead Visitor Visa.

Making friends in the rain

The rest of us Homesteaders had little doubt that Farm Girl would rise to the challenge; this has now moved way past the whole “horsey phase” into a full-on passion and she’s not one to shy at a fence, so to speak. No, our doubts had more to do with the rest of us dealing with an animal brand we’d previously had nothing to do with save standing a respectful distance away observing her in-all-weather lessons.

We needn’t have worried; our input is definitely surplus to requirement, limited to chucking a slice of hay at him on evenings his minder is otherwise engaged.

He tolerates us; he adores Farm Girl. As for the Homestead equestrian, never have studies been so rapidly and accurately undertaken in order to free up I’m-just-popping-out-to-insert horsey term-Stitch time. That pony has a coat worthy of a pantene ad, you can’t find a carrot or apple for love nor money, and the two of them have surely jog/trot/cantered the equivalent of a marathon or two together.

Proving Clare’s theory absolutely, 100% correct. And, just quietly, hearing his voice added to the Morning Feeding Melee gives us all a warm glow…but not warm enough to splash out on a family set of matching jodhpurs anytime soon. The world’s just not ready for that.

12 thoughts on “Just a Little Hoarse

  1. Don’t mind me just swooning over here…Stitch is gorgeous, and I am super envious of Farm Girl. What a great pony to begin a long career with; My basically first pony was very like Stitch – bright bay, shaggy forelock, kind eye, pricked ears, happy temperament…but I think perhaps bigger; my Billy was about 14 hands. What do the goats think of having a pony in their midst – or does he have a space of his own?

  2. He has his own patch but there are a lot of fenceline stare-offs especially when one is getting hay and the other suspects they’re in danger of missing out 😊 Apparently Stitch is about 13 hands. I have no idea…as far as I am concerned hes little enough to not intimidate me. In happy with that.

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