Sage Words – Just Do It!

We all have things about us we would like to change. For a long time, my absolute ideal was to do a personality re-brand and reboot, replacing my hotch-potch tornado of living-minute-by-minute emotions with a kind of ethereal serenity. I dearly wanted to be the sort of person who smiled fondly over the mountain of washing scooped from the bedroom floor to refill the finally-empty laundry basket or cheerfully stretched the thriftily planned last-meal-before-shopping-day to accommodate a couple more. Unfortunately, I am and will always be the person whose abundantly obvious feelings arrive and leave with the same speed as the Taipai 101’s elevators.

fontcandy (1).png

Just what am I thinking having been asked, “What’s for tea tonight?”

Poker face? Not so much.

I’ve now learnt an extra tin of tomatoes goes a long way to stretching the pasta sauce and an empty laundry hamper is a fleeting wonder you must celebrate immediately – and that a good cry/yell/meltdown is soothing for the soul – well, my soul at least – as long as it is followed by an equally good belly laugh. And my family assure me they love me just the way I am…”Never a dull moment,” according to The Bean Counter.

But in that crazy human way of never being totally satisfied with yourself, I do wish I could tweak things just a little – and the thing I’d happily kick to touch (if only I could get around to it πŸ™‚ ) is my procrastination habit.

Unless the unpleasant task is faced immediately, it can stay languishing, being transferred from list to list, for an embarrassing lengtho of time. Often, when loins are finally girded and lions faced, the whole deal turns out to be such a monumental anticlimax as to make a mockery of the lost sleep it had afforded.

All this by way of explaining this week’s Sage Words.


although my croquembouche is a tad diminished.

The no-nonsense sentiment from the guy we on The Homestead know as Craig from Doctor Who may just be the spur I need to turn that new leaf, strike that a new pose…to, as Nike loudly proclaim, just do it!

For the refreshments, I went a big cheffy, as Jamie says. It’s a scary recipe – something I’ve been putting off for a while.
Note: Before you all get excited, I need to make it very clear that doing anything that requires me to actually use anything Nike produced other than their slogan is not on even one of my lists. My lists are more along the lines of *get dishwasher repaired *trim goat hooves *write final Grand Tour blog. I leave the *run a marathon and *climb a mountain stuff well alone.

18 thoughts on “Sage Words – Just Do It!

  1. Oh, LaaaDeDaaaa, croquembouche (I’ve just watched how to make one on Youtube) and quails’ eggs. It’s time to whip out the tiaras again and start sipping tea with the little finger extended. I am in awe of anyone who makes croquembouche. No wonder you haven’t had the dishwasher fixed yet, you’ve been too busy making fancy deserts.

  2. Well done on the cheffiness – bet they were delish. Have you ever heard of “Eat that Frog”? There’s a book out there by that name and the principle is given various names, but generally it goes like this: If you do the worst thing on your to-do list first, the rest of the list goes like a breeze. In other words, if the worst thing on the list is to eat a frog and you just stuff it down and get it over with, then bob’s your uncle. Sounds so simple…which is why I’m sitting here typing this, having already checked Facebook and Instagram…ostensibly I’m looking up recipes for supper which is supposed to be on the table in about 45 minutes. I can procrastinate with the best of them :).

    • Learning the “eat the frog” principle greatly improved my life. A friend/client told me about it years ago. If you have to eat a frog, he said, eat the frog first. And if you have to eat several frogs, eat the biggest frog first. Relying on that I tried to return the calls I most dreaded first, for example, rather than have that dread hanging over me all day. It’s a good practice. Eat the frog!

  3. Oh dear if you did a personality re-brand and reboot would we actually know you, let alone love you for who you are now. The only thing I wish you would do (and of course it is actually my fault) is live closer. We here in Hobart are enjoying the return of the honeymooners, the re – homing of the youngest (to live with us until Feb when she goes back to uni for her masters in Adelaide) and the quick wit of the middle child who was honored by being best man at a friends wedding yesterday. We oldies are find, the recent warm weather holiday a thing of the past and life goes on at home, washing, vacuuming, trying to get the renovations finished oh and work. But we are healthy and happy and isn’t that what matters.
    Love to all Homesteaders xxxxx

    • One day I will be across to visit and check out that gorgeous new floor in person 😊
      Your sentiments re reboit and rebrand echo my family’s…very lovely snd nice for the ego 😘
      All sounds wonderful with y’all. Health and happiness is all that matters when you boil it all down xxx

  4. Oh, that awful ‘What’s for tea?’ question. I put off thinking about it all day and then get annoyed by the question! I hate using the phone so if I have to call anyone I do it first thing in the morning so I don’t worry all day. I try not to leave jobs for too long but somehow some things do get left; mending, for example.
    I love the quote – so simple but, as we all know, it depends on the thing to be done πŸ˜€

    • My family love the reaction “what’s for tea?” gets from me, hence the made-over photo😊
      Mending – definitely something I put off and you can bet the moment I pack everything away a button will fall off, a knee will begin to show thru jeans or someone will snag their jumper on a fence!

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