On Heron Watch

There are a great many things we will miss when we leave this homestead for our next big adventure. Some of them, we registered from the start; things like the wonderful New Brighton community, the shops and cafes we know and love, the beach, the river, knowing a quick dash to the mailbox could take 45 minutes depending on who walks past, the steamed dumplings Christina from the dairy delivers every Christmas Day, the …oh, don’t get me started *sniff*

More frequently now we are coming across this-is-the-last-time-we’ll moments, realising those crazy little things that simply made up the rhythm of the Homestead year . This week, it was the heron baby.

From our back door we look directly at a stand of macrocarpa trees which, at this time of year, doubles as a heron maternity ward.


It could be said we have a birds eye view 

When we noticed Mum and Dad Heron (Helen and Hercules as they’re known on the Homestead) making more frequent visits to the delivery suite we know that it won’t be long before we’re wasting way too much time squinting through the binoculars.


This year, we did away with squinting and pressed the fancy new camera into service. Photographers out there, beware: our efforts are enthusiastic but horrifically flawed.


Helen and Hercules are very particular housekeepers and spend a great deal of time quietly rearranging the furniture.


It has to be quiet as, the moment Junior wakes, it’s all about him.


Feeding time is way too important to occur unsupervised.


They even paused and posed for a family photo.

Bittersweet: the best way to describe these last-time-we’ll moments. Smile for the birdie.


14 thoughts on “On Heron Watch

  1. I think the photos are wonderful – such clear shots of the heron homestead :)…but I’ll admit I have only ever used a point and shoot, and am far from being a camera buff. “Last times” will be counterpointed by “first times” soon, I’m sure. Think of all the things you’ll be using the fancy new camera for…

  2. I am still giggling after reading Mr T’s comment and your reply! The heron photos are wonderful! How much you’ll miss them! But….there may be so much more at the new, improved homestead!

  3. Hi, How long is your check list when searching for your new homestead? Accessibility to cafes? How friendly are the business owners and neighbours? Where is the nearest heron nesting site? How far from the beach? Room for the expanded goat herd and flock of sheep etc. etc. New Zealand is full of rivers/creeks so I can’t see how you could ever be far from one.

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