Intents and a Covered Wagon

I’ve been very remiss of late when it comes to blogging. Our Grand Tour has readers stranded in Germany and the silence from us has been deafening. Now life has slowed a little and a temporary (we hope) change in lifestyle hints at a little more spare time, I am hoping to remedy that and catch you all up.


I write this with a song in my heart, a spring in my step, and a goodly dollop of terror in my stomach. Friday saw the papers signed, the deal done, and Union Homestead Phase One become the focus of another family’s days. Yes, it was sad to lock the door, walk down the drive, and close the gates with their unique ting for the last time, but we are so very overdue for the next step in our adventure.


Whilst circumstances have seen our moving process stars unaligned and extremely haphazard, after a crazy year of huge ups and horrid downs we find ourselves with the time to stop, ponder, reflect and rebuild. The comfort and location for doing this healing is due entirely to the wonderful people we have in our life; we are so very lucky.


So for the next while, however long it takes to secure the new Union Homestead, we will be talking to you from the Princess’s Home, The Kingdom of Melton (West). The Resident Royal Family are generous to a fault; It takes special people to open their grounds and home to a raggle-taggle band of persons and livestock such as us.

That we can live in such comfortable splendor is down to another group of fantastic friends, the wonderful God Family, who provided the covered wagon for our campsite – and lots of nice words, too.

So for now, it’s Camp Union Homestead. Our goats, cats, chickens, ducks and humans are very grateful for the time to sit back, take a breath, and count the positives of being temporarily without an abode;


there’s precious little dusting for a start


and the chores are just that much cooler!

19 thoughts on “Intents and a Covered Wagon

  1. Thanks so much for the catch up, you are all so brave to take to a camping lifestyle, even if with wonderful friends. Good luck indeed, do hope things work out as you would like and keep us, your faithful readers, posted.

  2. Hi, Well the livestock look settled. The goats look like they are relishing their green pasture. Camping in tents will provide ongoing motivation to find the right property with solid walls, a substantial roof and heating before winter sets in. Camping in winter on the south island of New Zealand could be a trifle cool ……and damp.
    Best of luck with finding Union Homestead Phase Two.

  3. Glad you found a moment to update us all…I saw that you’d sold (I had looked up Holly Jones when you first posted about selling), and am agog to find out where you’ll be settling into next, as I it sounds you are too :). In the meantime, sound and looks like you’re lying in green pastures, and as mentioned above, nothing like camping to keep everyone motivated for the search. Hope the right place pops onto your radar soon!

    • Holly is a dynamo and local opinion is neatly divided. Our? We’d use her again in a heartbeat.
      Hopefully the vendors of the place we have our eye on gets their act together and makes it a viable option for us (And our bank)

  4. Good luck with the vendors. Moving home is reputed to be the most stressful thing in life and even if that isn’t strictly true, it looks like you are not having an easy ride. Happy camping meanwhile.

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