Sage Words – Clowning with the Clan

The Bean Counter’s chosen words,


although not groundbreaking for us Homesteaders,

16 - 524

were still very welcome

01 - 120

especially as they came with maple syrup drenched, bacon garnished, French toast.

01 - 279

Food for the Angels!

12 - 021


10 thoughts on “Sage Words – Clowning with the Clan

  1. Hi, I see your cat (what a handsome feline!) decided the top photograph needed some visual interest.
    Going down the slippery dip together looked more like an exercise in shared terror! At what point did you open your eyes?

  2. Oh my, haven’t had French toast in years – better rectify that!
    Where is FG in the Splash Mountain picture? I feel sure she would have loved it, adventurous soul that she seems to be.
    We did that ride our first day at Disneyland years ago and that was enough thrill for me, but our girls did it over and over and over our last morning there – they found out they could get on as single riders, so we old fogies sat in a sunny spot near the exit with coffee and people watched while they went and filled spare seats in other peoples logs at least a dozen times. Bliss for all of us.
    And there’s mixed magic happening in the chocolate picture – Chocolate Frogs and a Tardis tshirt? Collision of worlds! At least the Princess was on point πŸ™‚

    • Ha! Hadn’t spotted the magic mash up until you pointed it out. Farm Girl was very proud of her “scared Ron” face. Of course, eagle eye that you are, you HAD to bring up Splash Mountain. We sneaked off there when FG was otherwise occupied with, I might add, the full intention of returning a great many times. Alas it was either closed or ridiculously busy for the rest of our visit – a fact we have not been allowed to forget. Sorry just didn’t come close. But hey ho another reason for a return visit 😊

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