Sage Words – Carpe Diem

The Goat Herd accompanied her chosen words with a Blist Hills Cinder Toffee inspired treat.


Then we took Leo’s advice, loaded up the Homestead Mobile, and headed out to the Courtenay A & P (Agricultural and Pastoral) Show. It had all the perfect show needs:


The Sweltering Band


The Flashed-Up Animals


The Old, Familiar, This-Thing-Is-Safe-Isn’t-It Side Show Rides


And Venison Burgers and pottle of chips for lunch

The perfect way to spend a present moment.

15 thoughts on “Sage Words – Carpe Diem

    • We try to eat locally so not a lot of venison consumed on the trip. Farm Girl had rabbit in Bruges…I was too busy carbo loading on all those dishes from my Oma’s kitchen….stompot and rookworst…mmmmm

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