Roll Up! Roll Up!

Two years ago, fresh home following The Grand Tour, we loaded up supplies and pointed the Homestead Mobile* west to spend the day at the Courtenay A & P Show. As we sat on a haybale enjoying our venison burgers (and a pottle of chips for Farm Girl) we wondered aloud whether the people around us would one day be our neighbours.

This weekend just past, we grabbed our phones and wallets, backed the Farminator (the HM*’s fleetmate) out of the garage, waited while one of us ran back inside to grab a cardigan just in case, stopped half way down the drive to reunite a bellowing Ivy with her blokebaby, averted our eyes from the million jobs that await our attention, and drove the 10 minutes down the road to the Courtenay A & P Show to spend the day among our neighbours.

There we enjoyed a day marvelling at mechanicals

including two of our numbers dream machine.

and brand, spanking new.

We were very happy to make it in time for the goat judging

This handsome guy stole our hearts and took home a heap of ribbons

but the wool, grain, and chicken classes had already been decided by the time we happened past.

as had the produce, photography, homecrafts, and children’s entries but by then the photo commentary had all but ceased. Curse the gossipy photographer who will always prioritize passing the time of day with neighbours over documenting the very cool Show Champion Quilt (sorry, it was very, very pretty).

In my defense, spending time with like-minded folk is what The Show is all about!

Farm Girl had a prearranged meeting with the Kirwee Kid and the two of them wandered off to invest a bit of egg money in Chair-o-plane rides, balloon animals (one which rapidly unravelled in the way these things often do), and essential sustenance

to be tracked down (via cellphone) taking in The Grand Parade from prime seats.

Truly, an awesome day was had by all. We came home exhausted, enthusiastic (surely our silverbeet was better than at least second and third places?!), energised for the upcoming chores, and essentially elated to be part of such a honest, real, community.

Our elation continued into this week as we welcomed another Homesteader

Miss Tina (because she’s Simply the Best … and we’re up to T) born to Froda and the late Mathias, 26 November 2019

Yep, not a bad week, all in all.

11 thoughts on “Roll Up! Roll Up!

  1. I am sure your silverbeet would have come home with a certificate but you can’t win it if you are not in it as they say, and shows are the spiritual home of those who like to be organised above all. Be happy as a spectator.

  2. I love days like that so many toys to see in so little time. exhaustive fun. Great photos, I’ll have the little white nose tractor on the end please.. Thankyou for sharing your Goat journey gives me joy till we are ready to start our goat journey again. Have a great week.

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