Hanging at Hogwarts

Alnwick Castle is but one of the faces of Hogwarts;


Alnwick is also the central hub of The Bean Counter’s paternal family tree. Add to that the broomstick training offered at the castle and you just know it had to be on our To Do List.

We had not intended to stay long at the castle as we had already “done” the castle portion of the trip (yes, we realise this is a very dodgy way to visit a country, but the UK has a lot of castles and we have limited time; we like to think of it as analytical holiday planning) but Alnwick is just so endearing we couldn’t help ourselves but spend the day.


It grounds are amazing – and that was without visiting the gardens – and the displays are clever and concise. The castle is beyond cool with stone figures monitoring your approach from their perch on the castle walls, a slightly careworn look reflecting the drama it has been part of over the years, and it boasts a past resident with the nickname Harry Hotspur.


I mean…Wow!


Archery on the lawn proved The Farmer could be counted on if times got rough but Broomstick training was the winner. It was funny and clever and everyone enjoyed it. Those two wizarding professors knew what they were doing


and our team graduated with *ahem* flying colours.



11 thoughts on “Hanging at Hogwarts

    • The State Rooms were a little wasted on me I confess. As someone not keen on clutter I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the generations of castle families having to find space for yet another dinner set. The chapel was beautiful, though, and what views!

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