Sage Words – Quackers

A chance comment recently had us pondering how we present ourselves to the world; we were accused of bragging.  Oh, what a collective tailspin that sent us into! “Do we boast, brag, swagger, or skite,” we asked each other.  Then we harked back to The Renovator’s recent words of wisdom and decided that if, in celebrating our successes and poking fun at our mistakes, we appeared to be crowing – so be it! We love what we’re doing with our days.

The two Sunday Morning Teas following this thunderbolt served as a balm to our troubled psyches (as we’re just such delicate beings).

The Farmer reckons the fast-track to a happy home is something decadently chocolate

while The Goat Herd tried out good old Cornish Pasties (with Easter Egg garnish), the recipe gleaned from one of Nana’s cookbooks.

Then we took our brand new, fancy schmancy , “for The Trip” camera for a walk around the Homestead…just to prove our point.




Sunshine; fresh air; a happy home…


while it’s not for everyone, it’s a life we’re quackers about.



14 thoughts on “Sage Words – Quackers

  1. Not bragging when you have something to celebrate is worse than bragging as it makes us standard braggers look bad. Keep bragging. The fancy camera seems like a good buy.

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