ANZAC Day 2017

Today is ANZAC Day.

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It is the anniversary of the New Zealand and Australian forces landing at Gallopoli in 1915.

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Here in New Brighton people have been marking this day in the same place, around the same cenotaph, since 1925.


We joined the throng down there today.  We wouldn’t consider doing so anywhere else. It’s always a little ramshackle and homespun;  The seagulls have no respect for a well-pressed uniform,


someone always parks a mobility scooter in the way of the band,


lots of people bring their dogs with their plethora of foibles (this time it was a dog coughing fit during the National Anthem), and the RSA President always concludes proceedings with an invitation for drinks, nibbles and “whatever you fancy” back at the Bowls Club.


It’s real and it’s honest. A fitting way to remember them..


Lest we Forget.




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