Sage Words – Standing Out

I’ve said it before and no doubt I will repeat myself before too long: I never was one to fit in. This wasn’t a deliberate decision because there have been times when it would have been much easier to move with the crowd; it is simply who I am. Some clothes, however fashionable, still look ridiculous on me; some ideas, however trendy, just don’t make any sense.

Growing up, one manifestation of this inability to completely conform was clearly obvious in the kitchen. Recipes were generally considered a guide but, without the benefit of experience, not all ideas were as favourable – or flavourable – as I had intended.  The outcome of these experiments gave rise to the term “bum bakes” and I was the reigning monarch of them. As time marched on, my realisation of this inability to “stick with the programme”, had me shy away from the big ticket, follow-the-instructions-or-else, bakes. 

Then, after a recent run of feeling just a little out of step with life, I came upon some Sage Words that helped me to gain a little perspective:

dr seuss.jpgSeeing the bum bakes for what they were, I decided to confront that dragon, too. In for a penny and all that…


Maybe Paul Hollywood is just really good at giving instructions or maybe I let go and trusted him. Whatever it was, the Prinsesstårta with its multi-steps and many components marked a change in my perception…of me. Seems I can effectively follow a recipe.

It tasted pretty good, too.



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