Sage Words – In a Rich Man’s World

It was my turn as Sage this past Sunday and, in view of the latest goat-selling debacle, I was keen to find words to reflect my thoughts on the whole process.


The simplicity of these words really appealed to me, going a long way to put it all in perspective, but I confess I had no idea who Warren Buffett is. After consulting another Sage (this time in the form of Mr Google), I discovered:

a) I am a little out of the loop when it comes to financial high flyers, and

b) if he thinks honesty is a tad on the steep side, it must be pretty dang pricey

which puts Mr Buffett and I squarely on the same page…with regards to the propriety of honesty anyway.

It seems only right that words of such integrity are accompanied by a little confession; a clearing of conscience, if you will. Especially as this secret of mine, teeny though it is, has been impacting painfully on me recently. So here goes…

Way back in the dark ages when I was what is now referred to as a “tween” I was a fan of the Bay City Rollers. Yes, it’s true. While the majority of my peers – and the rest of the world, really – were grooving to the Swedish pop powerhouse, I was scowling about their perfect, symmetrical image and their perfect, symmetrical songs while stomping around in 3/4 length tartan trim trew with matching scarf decrying the musical brilliance of …eek, I’m blushing as I type. 


Farm Girl models the historic evidence – photographs not being as prevalent back in the dark ages.

Now, before you all hit the “unfollow” button, in my defence, this adulation of a musical group that (I knew even back then) was far inferior to the  Agnetha/Bjorn/Benny/Anni-Frid combo had more to do with my bloody-mindedness when it comes to following the crowd than complete musical ignorance. I felt/feel the same about Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and Cold Play; My perversity is a cross I have to bear…and now you all know.

Then recently whilst undertaking school research on the internet, Farm Girl happened upon Them with their perfect harmonies and clever composition and my days suddenly have a soundtrack that still, a great many years later, fans a glimmering ember of rebellious disdain. Can You Hear the Drums Fernando, Dancing Queen, Chiquitita,  and Farm Girl’s favourite (“although it’s a bit skanky”), Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. Oh, how the rest of the Homestead snigger. 

 But I’m a grown-up now; I can rise above it all. Sort of. I even used Them to accompany the Cinnamon Scrolls and Spinach Feta Rolls I’d *ahem* whipped up (a’la Kiwi cooking legend, Alison Holst, this time) for our Sunday treat.


Because, well…while money, money, money may be funny in a rich man’s world, it seems honesty is regarded with utter solemnity.


11 thoughts on “Sage Words – In a Rich Man’s World

  1. I have two dear friends whose early allegiance to the Bay City Rollers has travelled with them down the years, and they both despise the aforementioned Swedish quartet to this day, no doubt for reasons similar to yours. I on the other hand was a keen fan of THEM, and I am ashamed to admit, also the BeeGees for a wee while. While I grew out of the BeeGees, I still retain an affection for some of the ABBA songs – I have no idea why, because you’re right about the lyrics, and I’ve never forgotten tthat the music critic for Time Magazine back in the day described said lyrics as being written in “Berlitz English” (but he did like the layered sound in their recordings).
    The quote is fascinating – not just because it’s from Warren Buffet (and I actually did know who he is – I had a book from the library once :)), but because he used the word gift.
    Those spinach feta rolls look amazing, and I found out that I can get a copy of one of Holst’s cookbooks through interlibrary loan, so I’ve requested it just for fun. It’ll be a bonus if the recipe is actually in that particular book.

    • I was also quite keen on the Bee Gees for a while – both the early stuff and then later on because of Saturday Night Fever. Eek!
      I loved the idea of it being and expensive gift – wonderful.
      Hope Alison Holst’s book delivers – the spinach and feta rolls were a bit of a morph of two or three and a random idea which happily worked. They don’t always 🙂

  2. It is perfectly possible to like the Bay City Rollers and ABBA. Indeed I believe that almost all really sensible people do just that…..and Bob Dylan and the Beatles and Bach.

  3. Hi, My guilty pleasure is my “Mamma Mia” – after party edition CD. It is amazing how the music of ABBA has been a rich mine for movie makers. What is equally amazing is that you have kept those pants all these years! – how many times have they been packed and unpacked as you have moved house? Which dark corner do they live in now? Has Farm Girl adopted them?
    Clearly, some wealthy people are cheap given their unfamiliarity with the virtue of honesty.

    • I just couldn’t quite bring myself to chuck the pants out – or the records for that matter. They have survived through a great many moves and events that has seen a great many other trappings of youth binned. I see their life may be reaching a natural conclusion as, since convincing Farm Girl to undertake the photo shoot, she has become very attached to them. I figured the last time they were worn was early 1977 🙂 Does that count as vintage??
      I agree entirely with your final comment. Somehow that thought gives me an odd feeling of peace.

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