Sage Words – Working Out How

Many times during the United States election lead up we Homesteaders were heard to utter how glad we were to not be among those having to make the choice on the big day. From where we sit, out on the edge of nowhere, it looked like Hobson’s choice and many meal times were spent playing the “if it were down to us…” game – and getting nowhere fast.

Of course, it will surprise none of you which side we were leaning towards. We are a family of folk who inadvertently spend our lives being the exception to the “all *insert marginal group* are *bad/mad/evil/stupid/dangerous/immoral/lazy/etc etc*”; The ones that, when the declarer suddenly remembers you’re in the room, immediately reassures you with a cheery, “but not YOU; it was/is/will be different for you.” Funny how, when people get to know a person, nine times out of ten their “sins” turn into “foibles”.  

So, when the next White House resident was announced we were disappointed. Some of us went beyond that to devastated and astounded, some were just resigned, but it’s fair to say, as a group, we were saddened.  Possibly unrightly so; it has nothing to do with us and is simply not our business. But we live on this planet too … and we worry.

Mainly we wanted to know HOW this ended up happening. The Goat Herd put much thought into it and came up with an answer that soothed us at least:

Anna's Sage Words.jpg

She served the words up with the last of our cajeta and oblea, macaroon style, of which there is no photographic evidence.

Seems the Mexican delicacy was just too damn good.



18 thoughts on “Sage Words – Working Out How

  1. Hi, I believe I am in your camp in my reaction to the American presidential election. Now that decisions are being made which are having a direct impact on some Australians with dual nationality, I think we are in for an ‘interesting’ four years particularly with respect to how the Australian government meets the challenges of the new American administration.

  2. Try living next door to this neighbour. We had a discussion round the supper table the other night about emigrating to NZ – sadly estate agents and library ladies are not in high demand so, that’s us out – I tried to encourage the girls to apply to uni in NZ – once they’re established they could apply to sponsor us ancients, but the one currently in Uni was pretty adamant about finishing out her programme, and was also somewhat reluctant to adopt a plan of action that necessitated leaving her boyfriend behind. The other one isn’t keen on earthquakes, feeling that we experience them quite often enough where we are for her liking, more wouldn’t be a good thing. So there’s that plan hooped. At least we’re on an island, maybe we can reinforce our moat with a wall. All kidding aside, the quote is apt, and applies both to the “us” and the “them” of this new regime, but I’m deeply afraid that despite that caution, we “us” types might be hearing and seeing exactly what’s being said and done. It may well be,however, exactly what caused people to vote the way they did. Many people there were deeply unhappy with the previous administration and have chosen a dramatic pendulum swing over maintaining the status quo. From outside the country, we have a different perspective of course, like watching a friend make bad choices and feeling powerless to help them turn their life around.

  3. Excellent quote! Richard and I are trying to hope for the best and tell each other that it may work out okay. I don’t think we believe each other. Our daughters are very worried and angry. Alice went on a demonstration march this evening. It won’t make any difference to Mr Trump but it made her feel a little better.

  4. You are right, I think, to be concerned. What happens in one country does impact on another. Besides, a fair number of pronouncements have already risked the lives and freedoms of people around the world – and this is only week two!!!

    I’m really not sure how any of this is either going to give Americans jobs or protect them from the rest of the world.

    Sad that the status quo had to be shaken up in such an extreme manner. I just hope that out of the wreckage will come a better world.

    • Thanks for “hearing” me. There’s no way the entire world can be in utter agreeance on any matter but if we all just listen and respect each other’s differences we’re all going to be happier and safer. That’s my ten cents worth anyway. ☺

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