Goat’s a-Wooing

The phone call from Steve the vet came just at the right time. He confirmed the girls are CAE free just as the girls confirmed they are open to attentions.

We’re still trying to figure out what works for us when it comes to goat husbandry. Our first attempt, we now know with the benefit of hindsight, was a success. The clearing of the particularly bountiful nigella patch and our ignorance of its side effects on expectant mothers was our undoing, but that lesson has now been learnt.

Last year resulted in the a paddockful of perfect kids (all of whom finally found wonderful homes that weren’t our freezer) and our milk supply was assured for another season. The stress of having *ahem* “goat action” and a smelly buck in the backyard combined with Bob never actually leaving the Homestead made us shy away from that option again. Where would we find such a sweet, biddable bloke goat, anyway?

So, today The Bean Counter (on two weeks holiday) hired a horse float and the ladies were chauffeured to The Farmer’s place of employment for a day with Bill and Ben aka Bachelor One and Two.

Geraldine checks out the transport while Leia asks what on earth we’re playing at this time.

Fingers and hooves crossed they tonight happy, content, and in the caprine family way. 


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