And the Beat Goes On

With Ruby’s death still very raw for us all, it was with mixed feelings that we discovered Geraldine and Leia, tucked deep in their houses out of the torrential rain and well on their respective roads to motherhood.

But those drums keep pounding a rhythm…

The Goat Herd was on hand to witness the arrival of kid number one; a healthy, strong doe complete with wattles and looking every inch the pure-bred Saanen princess.


While her daughter checks out the surroundings, Mum Geraldine works on delivering her sibling

Which made the arrival of her equally healthy brother a little surprising.


Seems there was a drop of British Alpine blood in the mix

Auntie Leia watched from a respectful distance, removing herself to the end of the paddock as night fell and making it very clear our presence was not required. We human Homesteaders tried not to dwell on her choosing the same patch of earth Ruby had just over a week earlier and left her to it. We did take turns to check on proceedings half hourly, though.

“She’s fine,” The Renovator reported at 10 pm, “Calm, laid back, she even let me pat her.  I think everything may have stopped for the night and she’s settling down to sleep.” We decided to retire too; all, that is, except The Bean Counter who likes to spend a little time each evening in the company of espn fc. I think everyone heard the click of the door as he decided to check just once more. We certainly all heard his return!


“Two little white ones! They’re feeding! Leia’s great!”

Did you perhaps hear him? He was just a little over-excited!


This soundtrack to our life does not always make easy listening; but then it’s not all wailing violins either.


Like all great compositions, it’s made of movements of varying tempos but this one thing is a given: The beat goes on


And it’s all very upbeat on the Homestead right now.

16 thoughts on “And the Beat Goes On

  1. Congratulations. There may quite possibly be nothing quite as cute (and I really hate that word, but it’s the right one for these little ones) as new goat kids. One set is buck and doe, what’s the other set? Besides adorable, I mean?

    So glad things went smoothly. You talk about the beat going on, but it makes me think of the old adage, which you’ll know well, living by sea as you do – every seventh wave is a big one. The waves come in some gentle lapping, some with a regular surge, and every so often there’s a powerful roller that swamps the castle or the picnic and sends us all scrambling. And then the next minute, it’s back to little lapping waves, gentle surges, etc.

    • Leia’s twins were one of each as well, but with the buck born first. Yes, cute is pretty much outlawed in this place too (Farm Girl still shudders about the time an acquaintance shrieked in her face that she was a “cute little poppet”).
      The wave adage sums up recent events here perfectly. With both blogable and things that didn’t make the cut, we’ve been utterly swamped recently. Here’s to a bit of smooth sailing for a while.

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