Floor: Covered!

We think we may have mentioned before the time lag between signing for ownership of The Homestead and actually taking up residence. By the end of the six months it took the legal eagles/bankers/we-shall-not-be-moved tenants to sort themselves out, gypsy life had worn thin, winter had set in, and the easily contained toddler we had set out with had turned into a rising-two-year-old whirlwind.

When the fateful day came to actually enter the house we were collectively under-awed. Wandering from room to room, we became more and more disillusioned with the chaos wrought by previous inhabitants, until we all ended up in the living room; some of us may or may not have been in tears.

“This carpet,” The Bean Counter’s voiced echoed around the empty room as he scuffed his foot on the suspiciously stained, burn pocked, one-step-up-from-astro turf floor covering, “will be the first thing to go.”

Moving in3.jpg

Finally, nearly eight years later,

Night before carpet.jpg

the room was cleared and his proclamation realised.

lounge carpet.jpg

New carpet: so warm, so snug, and so worth the wait.

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18 thoughts on “Floor: Covered!

    • Of course. She takes that and the dragging of her food into the middle of it very seriously. It is, apparently, her job of work and is totally befuddled by our outraged roars 🙂

  1. Wow looks great. Can’t wait to come and admire it. And go on stop all this, you lot would not be happy without a project or 27. See ya soon hols on the horizon.

  2. I’m afraid I had to have a giggle when I read this. We moved into our house 10 years ago and we all said how terrible the carpet was and it had to go. We still have the monstrosity under our feet! We say we can’t change the carpet until we’ve had the electrics sorted/plumbing done/changed the doors etc. I have hopes that we may see a change of flooring next year but I’m not holding my breath! Reading your earlier comments I was reminded of a new carpet in our former house which our elderly and slightly incontinent cat pooed on. It obviously didn’t smell right!

  3. Whilst I understand the comfort new carpet can bring, I am not a fan of carpet myself. However, someday, someday……..the blandness of the cream paintwork on the walls, doors and skirting boards will be banished.

    • We have an asthma sufferer on the Homestead so have kept carpet in only the lounge and hallway. Good luck with the future project. It’s those long-time-coming ones that bring such joy😊

  4. We have a carpet I dislike… it was here when we moved in fifteen and a half years ago. Bloody thing is such good quality it refuses to wear out and I refuse to replace it until it does… sometimes I wish I wasn’t so committed to sustainability… sigh…

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