Sage Words Sunday – Family

What makes a family?

Some argue it’s all about blood; Great Auntie Ethel’s nose and Grandma’s tenacity and Cousin Albert’s ability to pinch a penny.  Family characteristics that can only be passed on by that liquid that’s thicker than water.

Here on the Homestead, we beg to differ.


This week’s (very late!) Sage Words were delivered, along with monkey bread and a Muppet soundtrack, by The Renovator who is both one of the eldest and youngest Homesteaders. However, we would like to tweak Kermit’s words one tiny bit.

There’s no “kind of” about it;


We ARE family.

7 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Family

  1. I’m fascinated by the thought of Renovator being one of the youngest and oldest at the same time, but I guess that’s maybe true of all of us. Love the family portrait – produced by a Homesteader?

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