Sage Words Sunday -Tending the Plot

The Goat Herd has always maintained that, were she to open that trendy cafe she’s always threatening to (usually directly after having paid quite a lot for not much), the one thing that’s not negotiable is soundtrack: Ottmar Leibert. As far as she’s concerned, he’s pure class – for the masses. Which goes a long way to explaining why she chose his Nouveau Flamenco CD to accompany her Sunday morning tea offering. Jamie’s Celebration Cake.


You won’t get a closer match to the unadulterated hoi polloi than the Homestead on a Sunday morning.

Then she unveiled her (well Voltaire’s in point of fact) words and a hearty cheer reverberated around our figurative rafters because – boy! does that sum up our week that was!


We must cultivate our own garden – Voltaire

Because our garden definitely needed tending. Literally. An all-in Homestead effort has seen the front looking, if not perfect, at least loved. With one thing and another, we’d simply run out of time to do one of the essential tasks of the Homestead.  That a major slice of that time we’d run out of was spent on another Homestead essential, dealing with the two plus litres of goat milk that, twice a day, our ladies offer up is just one of those crazy, never-rains-but-it-pours dilemmas.  Thankfully, practice definitely does make perfect – or at least more efficient – thus freeing us up to keep on cultivating.

So, that’s what we’re set on doing: looking after our own plot, living our own truths and being kind to the planet. As The Goat Herd pointed out, “the moment you start on someone else’s plot, you start harvesting disempowerment”.

 She’s a deep thinker, is Our Goat Herd.


19 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday -Tending the Plot

  1. Omg I thought John was the only one who ever heard of Ottmar Liebert. Goat herd must have been meant to cross our paths and add her sparkle to our existence. (Either that or they’re both just a bit weird)
    Have a good week.

  2. What a treat to meet another lover of Voltaire, ‘Candide’ has giving me many gems of wisdom and indeed if everybody would tend their own garden to a place of rest and beauty…how wonderful the world would look like. Well, you al have been working hard as always and the goat heard looks stunning in this hat! And thank you for bringing Ottmar Leibert to my attention, I thoroughly enjoyed it! xo Johanna

  3. That hat would make her fit in just fine here in Canada just now, in fact I think one of my offspring has a very similar one. And the quote – home words for me, different versions of which have been hitting me from all directions for the last few days. Funny how life does that to one sometimes.

    • I must admit the Goat Herd photo was a little dated hence the hat. Today we had 37 degrees …too hot for me and definitely too much for that sort of headgear 🙂
      Funny how life has these weird parallels and hope you’re being left to cultivate your own garden in peace.

  4. Thank-you so much for the introduction to Ottmar Liebert – I enjoyed listening to his music very much. I loved the quote – such wise words! Why is it that everything always happens at once? There is no accounting for it! What a wonderful team you all are to have got through so much work!

  5. Hi, I add my comment about the cake looking amazing! I have a fridge magnet bearing a quote by Jorge Luis Borges which I think is apt – ‘Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.’

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