Sage Words Sunday -At…ten…SHUN!

It’s been another one of those weeks. The sort where way too much time is spent on off-Homestead business and those weeds just continue to grow.  Their growth, and that of the purpose-planted vegetation it would be fair to say, was aided significantly by the 37.5 mm of rain that collected in the Homestead rain-gauge between Saturday and Wednesday…and through it all we had “other plans”.

The best part of Monday disappeared in accompanying The Elders through one of those meetings, and Tuesday in the painful (for us at least) decision making process that is choosing new curtain material. Wednesday afternoon involved The Milk Maid, Goat Herd, Farm Girl and Leia’s lad encouraging our aged Nissan Pulsar (because the truck was at work with The Farmer) along the 64 kilometre round trip to the nearest vet capable of carrying out a goat castration (complications of goatie anatomy deemed this undertaking beyond our scope of experience and, sorry, no photographic evidence exists of the transportation – it was a kind of all-hands-on-deck task and one which had the vet doubled over with mirth) and Thursday swallowed up by essential document-updating having dementia-effected family makes you prioritise. Of course, then you’re back to Friday, shopping and general community gas-bag day, and the week’s done and dusted. All this by way of explaining the lack of midweek communication; are we excused?

But wait, there’s more. An email on Monday lowered our spirits a tad as it advised that Leia’s two kids could not relocate to Little River due to limited fencing. Ah well, back to the drawing board. But then, like things do on this crazy Union Homestead roller coaster, we were bounced back within the hour by a text requesting details and then the chance to take a peek at Ulrich, which we delightedly scheduled for Wednesday evening. After the day we’d had, it didn’t take much to convince us a bottle of wine was in order which we were thankfully only a little way down when a phone call requesting the very same details was answered. The lady had lost a goat-foundling that had been foisted on her (and then wriggled stealthily into her heart, like they do) to colic and just needed a replacement. Would she like two? A brother and sister? The vet trip was a result of her delighted “yes, please”. 

So, the current paddock head-count is five (because of course they couldn’t resist Mr Ulrich who is now number two buck, with a shared harem of 38 lady-friends, on a farm near Coes Ford), with Ulrika leaving within the month, and Leis’s two, now named Jack and Jill, heading to a farm in Hanmer Springs in a couple of weeks. What a huge weight of our minds; what a huge amount of milk we’re now getting in our two-milkings-a-day! Consequently, yesterday was spent making mozzarella (a fair result) and riccotta (a triumph!) and planning our next batch – feta, we think.

If this wasn’t enough, Friday night saw The Farmer, Princess Nikita, her royal parents, Farm Girl, The Renovator and Milk Maid visit the theatre (where they met Oma, the esteemed Auntie Joss, and the equally esteemed cousins because…ahem… it’s a small world afterall). Mary Poppins was a fantastic, full on, far-out experience…and such fun! 

As a result of all this activity, Sunday morning tea kind of sneaked up on The Milk Maid. Still a little tender over the death of a gent who saw her through more years than she care to count (thanks to Uncle Nick playing ‘Rebel Rebel” to her when she was about the same age as Farm Girl), she was intent on sharing some of David Bowie’s words of wisdom. Unfortunately, as often happens with enduring idols, none of his pearls really fitted any more so she settled for playing his greatest hits in the background while serving Tui Flower’s never-fail scones (made into pinwheels to encase the left over Christmas mince hiccupping in an alcoholic stupor in the back of the fridge) and unveiled this way more fitting sentiment.


“Attention is the Rarest and Purest form of Generosity” ~ Simone Weil. 

A sentiment Jack very much concurs with.

16 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday -At…ten…SHUN!

  1. I’m with you sista over the loss of that musical backdrop to our reckless youth. Takes you right back there now that we are youthless wrecks 😢

  2. What a week! So pleased you have homes for all your little goats at last – I would have loved to see you all in the car on the way to the vets. A Nissan Pulsar isn’t the most ideal form of transport for livestock plus minders! My sister and I are mourning the loss of DB – he went to the same primary school as us though he was some years older. There have been so many deaths recently of really great singers and actors – all in their late sixties/early seventies.

    • It was a tad snug for the vet trip, particularly as it had stopped raining and the temperature climbed to over 30; our vehicle doesn’t do air conditioning and the goat didn’t enjoy his ears flapping in the breeze from the window.
      Having listened intently to all the Bowie lyrics searching for a suitable quote, I am amazed he has such a special place in my heart but there you go: play me the opening bars to “Sorrow” and I’m 17 again 🙂

  3. What a wise quote: excellent to start my day with! (And yes, I share your grief of loosing our Hero) What a roller coaster week yet again.
    I am sorry to hear about the struggles with the elders but happy to see you have such a warm family and full life. Meeting the Royal family too…nice!
    The goats looks marvelous btw. And I am happy to see you enjoyed Mary Poppins. I loved and love the books so much, I always refused (even as a wee girl) to see movie/musical. But I did enjoy ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ immensely.’ Love to you all! Xo Johanna

  4. I converted the 37.5 mm of rain into almost 1.5 inches (I’m from California – never really learned metrics). Whew, that’s a good amount of rain! We have been in a drought here for the past four months, but (thank the Lord) we have had a fairly normal winter – so far! I just adore Mary Poppins! I saw the movie when I was a little girl, then last year watched a production of the play at a community theater in Sonora, California, with my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter. It was so much fun! I found your blog through a comment you made on Castle Rock Homestead – glad I did!

  5. The ups and downs of being in the goat production business :). Sounds like all’s well that ends well, not to mention all that lovely milk/cheese. I was just waiting to see you mention Bowie. Hubby mourned too – Starman played more than once the day or two after the news. We’ve had plenty of rain here too, but it’s winter and expected – 37+ mm in 4 summer days seems a bit excessive. Mary Poppins! I hear the musical is excellent – we missed it when it came to Vancouver, so I’m envious. Mincemeat scones, hmmm, I must remember that – the chickens got the last of my mincemeat.

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