Sage Words Sunday – Hold Your Fire!

It was The Farmer’s turn at Sage Words today.

It was also Princess Nikita’s Dad’s birthday.

At Princess Nikita’s castle, the oven is having a sulk and so the required cake was manufactured in the Homestead oven on the understanding that a double batch would ensure the extra cake would make up the tea section of Sunday morning tea.


The carrot cake was delicious!

Then it was time for the words to be unveiled.


True courage is about not knowing when to take a life, but when to spare one

Huh? What’s all this about taking and sparing life? When did New Brighton turn into a war zone? How did this sneak under the Homestead radar?

“It’s not meant LITERALLY,” The Farmer rolled his eyes at our befuddled expressions, “You need to think OUTSIDE the square. It’s all about, you know, the big picture, and thinking stuff through, and being brave enough to do the, ummm, right thing and…you know…stuff…”

And with that we had to be content, it’s about a deep as our Farmer gets and, when it all boils down, he’s got a point. It takes courage to act against the crowd and your instincts and take a risk. May you be brave enough to listen to the story of whatever’s in your cross-hairs this week before you go and pull the trigger.


9 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Hold Your Fire!

  1. Ah yes, i get that answer a lot too..” you know, mom, uhm..stuff?!” But I might understand where he is coming from.. maybe indeed the bigger picture of a sustainable lifestyle and making the world a better place by not taking and consuming but feeding it and giving back??? You know..stuff? xo Johanna

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