School Holiday Shenanigans

As we lunched out on the deck yesterday, The Renovator made the observation that Spring only really arrives with the term three school holidays. He’s right this year at least and the rest of us were too busy enjoying the sun (and the fried eggs sandwiches) to ponder the statistics.


The tea steeps while Farm Girl wonders how far off the sandwiches are

With the warmer days the gardens are sending up all kinds of foliage, some wanted and some not so, and we’ve been scurrying through the Perpetual Garden Clock cycle in a vain attempt to keep things looking half-decent. The broad beans are now standing relatively weed-free, much to the relief of a great many bus stop patrons and general passersby who predicted only doom and gloom ’twere we to ignore matters much longer.  To be fair, these critics are also very quick with the compliments so we shouldn’t sulk so.


Out in the paddock and coop, Spring means so many eggs that they literally fall out of the fridge on a regular basis and three prospective goat mothers who are making the most of their last few days free from the demands of a family. Dave the cat is kept busy most evenings seeing off a rather persistent tom (that he must do so in such a melodious manner is both questionable and embarrassing), while Mel, happy to have handed over the night security role, spends her days moving from one snoozing spot to another.


The Renovator returned from his Auckland sojourn brimming with literal literacy learning on which to ruminate as he continues with the kitchen make-over. The new floor has been laid, the ceiling and walls painted, and the cabinetry – after a false start – was purchased over the weekend.


The kitchen cupboards arrive on the Homestead

Not that it’s been all work and no play these holidays. Farm Girl has spent most of her days seeing off imaginary rampaging kittens (it was initially ghosts, but this sort of game tends to play havoc with harmonious bedtimes and so an alternative was suggested), sailing the ocean blue at the spinning wheel helm, and playing countless games of hide and seek with her over-the-fence offsider, Mr Ezekiel. Just to prove we do have one foot in the “real world”, a visit to the cinema was also indulged in. That it was to see Inside Out, a movie everyone else in the developed world has already seen, meant our fellow movie patrons numbered ten which suited us fine.  Huge thanks to our friends at Patchwork Farm who gave this movie such a rave review; it was all you promised!


Then on Friday, a day usually set aside for the weekly community fix shopping trip and the afternoon spent blogging, we had the awesome honour of attending Joss and Andy’s (aka the Esteemed Couple) Convalidation Ceremony. A wedding is always wonderful with all that declaring and promising and hope; we Homesteaders that were around fourteen years ago very much enjoyed this couple’s original nuptials.

Image (2)

To listen to a couple, fourteen years down the track, now the parents of two of the Homestead’s favourite teenagers, promise the whole for better or worse deal when they know how bad worse can be is something very, very special and we thank the four of you for allowing us to witness it.

We’ve had quite a week of it; school holidays rock!


10 thoughts on “School Holiday Shenanigans

  1. It is nice that Farm Girl could take a bath in the teacup whilst waiting for that delcious sandwich ( happy to see, you keep your tea so nice and warm) and a good week all around! Weddings, Kitchen in progress and a holdiday fun and pirates to boot!!! You feel invigorated by Spring whilst I enjoy the cool of Fall…xo Johanna

  2. Ghosts in the middle of the day are fine, but at bedtime… I am pleased they have morphed into naughty kittens. Years ago my husband lived in a house with a bus stop by the front gate. There are pros and cons – lots of gardening and decorating advice whether you want to hear it or not and lots of chatting very early in the morning and very late at night. How lovely to have lunch on the deck – fried egg sandwiches too! School holidays definitely *do* rock! My daughter has a week off at the end of October – I can’t wait!

  3. I too liked the Farm Girl in a Teacup thing, and the tea cosy. (My tattered cosy is a tabby cat, and I need a replacement – maybe I should be thinking fruit this time round). We’re just heading into our wet, drizzly fall season now, so your pictures of spring are quite uplifting. The tortoiseshell in the dappled shade makes me think of the dormouse in Geraniums Red, Delphiniums Blue (is that it’s actual name? Can’t remember). I should think the van must have been sitting right down on the rear axle with that load of cabinetry. And I love that yours also has bits of hay and feed – we definitely match in that regard. I’m slightly jealous of the fact that you’ve seen Inside Out – a friend of mine raved about it, I looked up the trailer, raved about it to my family – and the girls promptly went off with friends to see it, leaving me high and dry, and now patiently waiting for the DVD release whereupon I will borrow it from the library. Truthfully, that’s what I usually do – I find movie theatres much too loud and I don’t like popcorn (wow, that makes me sound curmudgeonly – surely not!). We had a bus stop outside our fence until they moved it down the road 100 metres – and I’d say the garbage would be my pet peeve. Though we’re rural-ish, we’re midway between a gas station/convenience store and the high school, so “our” bus stop is an obvious place to hang about smoking, drinking and eating junk food.You certainly had a full week, nothing like a holiday to get stuff done :). And a convalidation ceremony to finish off. I’ve been to marriage vow renewal ceremonies, and I agree, there’s something very special about witnessing people’s avowation after they’ve already weathered a fair bit of thick and thin.

    • I’m right there with you regarding movie theatres. ICK! Popcorn – the smell of that fake butter/stale cereal; and the sensory overload wipes me out for the rest of the day. I’m much happier watching it in my PJs with a cuppa and my knitting.
      With the dairy/convenience store across the road, rubbish is a major pain. The more inventive ones like to hide their junk in my daisies which sends me into quite an undignified rage on occasions – it’s not pretty 🙂
      I reckon I should always take photos without my glasses on – I’m way more inventive and arty like that!

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