Worth the Wait

Now, we’re not going so far as to say everything is completely finished, but when The Farmer retired last night it was to his very own room. He’s waited a long time.

Moving in day chaos, 10 June 2009; the day he was promised solemnly that he wouldn’t have to live with the ugly frieze around his wall for “too long”.

Unfortunately for him, while other rooms demanded attention (like when the washing machine fell through the floor of the laundry), his room was made of sturdier stuff, but finally his turn came.

Hidden behind the wall

So. out came the walled-up fireplace…

2014-11-25 07.14.17

to create a new entrance way.  The external walls were packed full of insulation and one room became two: a bedroom with built in wardrobe, and a walk-in store cupboard.

2014-11-27 20.16.20

Then followed some intensive TLC from The Renovator…

P's Room

The Milk Maid’s custom made curtains, a visit from the floor sanders, and…


it was all systems go.

There’s still a way to go but, after way too long sleeping in a corner of the lounge, it didn’t matter a jot that the walls were bare, his wardrobe sans door handles, and the light has no shade.  He was just rapt he had a door to muffle the hub-bub of just another Homestead morning on his day off. DSCF3922Oh, the joy of an uninterrupted sleep-in; some things are so worth the wait.


9 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

    • You know how sometimes your big boy smiles in exactly the same way he did when he opened the Thomas the Tank Engine trainset you gave him for his fifth birthday?! 🙂 Melts your heart.

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