Prescribed Timewasting

It seems the fates are determined to slow me down, and I don’t like it.

Having recently dealt to the dreaded Covid (just in time, as our Government has now scrapped the traffic light system that required household contacts to self isolate, which would have made the whole deal a bit less tolerable), I was just getting back into the swing of Spring when the brakes were once again applied. This time it’s due to a teensy bit of cutting and stitching to remove, from my left hand, a memento of my 1960/70’s fun-in-the-sun childhood.

Yes, I was a Coppertone Kid

So, for at least four days I’m stuck with, “No getting it wet, getting it dirty, stretching it, straining it, or undertaking heavy work like gardening.” My Doctor’s words were accompanied by the same look I may have used on the younger Homesteaders over the years to impart importance.

Fate did softened the blow slightly by bestowing bundle of the most wonderful timewasters.

Yes, on Sunday our Mother-in-Waiting, Sandra, became a Mum-for-Real to three goat girlies. A first time Mum, and also the first goat born on The Homestead to have kids herself,

she initially needed a little help with the process

but I’m always amazed by how much know-how is passed through the genes, and Sandra is shaping up to be as wonderfully attentive and down-home sensible as Leia was.

So, while I may be restricted to light duties for a few days, I don’t think I’m going to get bored.

11 thoughts on “Prescribed Timewasting

  1. Congratulations on the new additions, they look adorable! And good timing as now you have a reason to just sit and watch them. My mum was too cheap for Coppertone, but as a teen my set used baby oil, lol. Sorry to hear about the surgery, but better to have it dealt with. On the upside, no washing up either.

    • I know this probably sounds a bit contrary, but I am not that comfortable releasing our animals into the care of others. There are only a handful of people I would trust to properly care for them and they are busy caring for the huge amount of goats who are mistreated or ignored. Theyre our responsibility…we must walk the walk.
      Triplets first time is quite an achievement!

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