Once More ‘Round the Sun

Some days, blogging time rolls around and I sit figuratively chewing my pencil wondering what to tell y’all but not today.

Today, I could have told you about the bloody chicken coup

or shared our daily delight that some past Homestead inhabitant loved tulips as much as we do.

I could have shared stories of the visit we had from the local mallard mama and her thirteen offspring, photographic evidence of the sneaked plunder from The Bean Counter’s beehive spring clean, or shared our collected relief that The Farmer’s room is finally finished

but I have news bigger than all of that because yesterday Farm Girl had a birthday; Fourteen times around the sun!

Now that’s worthy of a Homestead holiday

Social media makes fourteen quite a big deal so Farm Girl decided to embrace that with an ice cream breakfast at one of the hippest venues in town and a wander around all the instaworthy spots (apparently that’s a thing), two of which we remembered to record.

Of course, that the normal traditions of being woken up with cake and family dinner at a favourite restaurant happened without saying.

We older Homesteaders are not quite sure where that fourteen years has gone, but we’re all very happy to have spent them in the company of our very own clever, funny, brave, bright, gorgeous, and altogether awesome Farm Girl.

And as for ice cream for breakfast…the jury is still out.

16 thoughts on “Once More ‘Round the Sun

  1. Happy Birthday FG! What a way to celebrate – good thing you all burned some energy at the park. You’d need to with ice cream for breakfast and ribs for dinner. Great choices – both places look fabulous; I’m slightly jealous, although I’ve reached a stage in life that pauses at the thought of ice cream for breakfast. As long as there’s coffee, though…

  2. Happy birthday to her. And of course, congratulations on giving birth to YOU. I know the feeling of “where have the years gone?”, because my baby is now 23, and her brother (and his lovely wife, both 28) have just presented us with our first grandchild. And I’m thinking, wait! Isn’t it just last week he was learning to talk…to walk…sigh. And yet what a wondrous adventure this life is.

  3. Poor Earl, It’s funny how visiting wildlife seem a little better behaved than the residential locals. lol. The tulip are just stunning.
    A belated Merry Birthday to the Farm Girl, Love the ice cream cake, same rules here, birthday celebrity picks it all, such fun. My 22yr old son recently had his tonsils out 3 days before his birthday & you can guess what cake he picked too. haha. Time does fly with our treasures. Awesome pen to paper.

    • Thanks for thr birthday greetings and kind words. Having your tonsils out as an adult cant be much fun…I remember it vividly as being very sore and, at 11, was considered a bit old for the operation. He deserved the full on birthday treatment and then some! ๐Ÿ˜

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