Snowy Sunday

When last we spoke, we had battened down the hatches and tabled the contingency plans in preparation for some pretty nasty forecasted weather.

It arrived right on time

and by afternoon teatime we were making regular fretful visits to our maternity paddock. Mother Froda stoutly refused to relocated her lambs to the shelter of the barn, insisting instead on piling them together in in the middle of the paddock as she foraged nearby. We humans wrung our hands but decided that she has to know what she was doing.

Colin, ever the labrador, thinks snow is delicious

The wind got up around dinnertime (who says our days revolve around mealtimes?!) and, sure enough, Froda moved her babes into the shelter of the barn while the rest of the ladies shared their space but decided this was not the weather to bring new life into the world. Phew!

And the next morning

Farm Girl was slightly miffed it didn’t even qualify as her first Snow Day off, although they were allowed to ditch uniform in favour of warm civvies, but having two essential-rain-hail-or-shine workers in our ranks and three more sheep and Marilyn the goat ready to birth, we were more than happy to see the sun.

Today would be a good day, ladies; just sayin’

11 thoughts on “Snowy Sunday

    • I’ll pass on your condolences to Farm Girl. One very big positive to conventional schooling in her book was being able to enjoy Snow Days and Teacher Only days. They dont really exist at Home School…not the Union Homestead School for Colourful Thinkers anyway 😁

  1. Hi, Snow is exciting for about an hour after that it is wet, cold and horrible. Having just endured a frigid, grey, wet July, I am glad I do not live where it is snowy for weeks on end. August is currently teasing with the promise of spring and the carpark under the supermarket is no longer a shallow lake.

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