The daffodils may not be out, in fact their little green spears are only just poking up above the weeds (job for another day), and the blossom on the early plum is a barely discernible promise but here on the Homestead, Spring has sprung.

Two stonking ewe lambs for Froda

This year’s lambing is a bit of Homestead watershed as this is the season we reach our predetermined optimum flock size of ten ewes; actually we did so the moment these two made their appearance. From here on in we know we’re going to really start walking in the walk.

But for now the new additions have been assigned names

Meet Arwyn (back) and Kili (when transferring our paper records to the computer it was discovered there was a couple of gaps in our alphabetical naming) continuing on with the kind-of-Tolkien theme

and the flock is getting used to their noise and exuberance. The other three ladies-in-waiting will hopefully wait until the weekend’s forecasted horrible weather passes to join Froda in motherhood but we’ve got a contingency plan or two just in case.

Meanwhile the chores are taking a little longer to complete. You can waste a lot of time watching baby animals.

13 thoughts on “Lambs!

  1. Oh my goodness, so adorable. I would get nothing done except hang over the gate and gaze. Hope all goes well with the other three – I would say if you’ve got bad weather coming, you can count on them to lamb during it…glad you have contingency plans.

    • Weirdly, we’ve found that we can make all the plans in the world, it’s in the heat of the moment that the best solutions are dreamt up. It’s like the plans are just to make us feel better in the interim

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