Goodbye Grandad

It’s been a week now since Grandad left us. In proper Geordie fashion, he didn’t go without a fight.

That’s the way the Bean Counter’s Dad was: a definite force of nature who loved, loathed, fought and ridiculed, nurtured and cared, in his own unique way.

Nana and Grandad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

He loved his family, football, food (especially all those delights a kid born in pre-war England missed out on), horses, and his cat, Simba. The way he showed his love was sometimes baffling, often irksome, but always full throttle.

So Grandad, he of the off-colour stories and angry letters bashed out on the ribbon spool typewriter, the evermore outrageous stories with interchangable leads, the venom and bite, the treacle and bearhugs, has gone…

and the world is just a little bit quieter.

13 thoughts on “Goodbye Grandad

  1. Sad news – whether it pleased the people around him or not, it sounds like he lived full tilt, which I think is a good way to be. You’re going to miss the bear hugs and the bluster.

      • Photos hold great memories.

        In the case of this photo, I was also looking at the distances. Incredible to think how far even Australia is.

      • True ๐Ÿ˜ŠI could drive to Paris in 9 hours but apart from getting arrested a U.K. border controls, itโ€™s not looking hunky dory over the other side of the Channel right now!

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