We’re sad.

Nana and Grandad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary 2015

We could dress it up in fancy words, employ pretty euphemisms, rail against the universe in Shakespearean inspired iambic pentameter but that wouldn’t change anything.

Nana’s 21st Birthday

We’re just really, really sad.

The Family of the Groom; Our Wedding 1987

Last Wednesday, 17 June, The Bean Counter’s Mum, the lady we call Nana, died.

Nana visits us in Hamilton 1996 – why didn’t we take another photo?

Alzheimers is horrific. The Mum who was always there when you needed her (usually just before), who unquestioningly loved those you chose to love (and conversely loathed and oh-so-politely chilled those who hurt you); the Nana who heckled The five year old Farmer as he showed her “just one more trick” on the trampoline, who altered The Goat Herd’s year 8 formal dress to fit her specific instructions (“grown up but not skanky”), and could fold her ex-dancers body into all manner of secret places for Farm Girl’s hide-and-seek marathons – she had slowly but surely disappeared. Visiting her became ashamedly hard, anger jostling with guilt when she glanced blankly (dismissively??) at her great grandchild only to bestow the most radiant, warmth-filled, loving beam on an offered spoonful of ice cream.

Nana keeping her grandgirls in line at Sumner Beach

We know it’s selfish and contrary to be so miserable when she is finally at peace.

Nana the Babe – with her babes

But we are.

A family to be proud of (minus the UK Branch)

We know it will pass – weave its way into the fabric of Homestead highs and lows – but right now…

Nana the Tourist

Oh, we are sad.

She’ll Dance Forever in our Hearts

17 thoughts on “Sad

  1. I am so sorry. What a wonderful woman she was and such a lovely eulogy from you, too. Alzheimer’s is so cruel a disease and gives so much suffering to all concerned. I am glad she is at peace now and in time the Nana you’ll remember most clearly will be the true Nana, before disease took her personality away.
    With love ❤

  2. I pray that not just today but everyday, every special occasion ahead that you are all comforted & may the joyful times you had with such a wonderful gem of a Nana get you through. Hugs to you & your fam.

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