Keeping Bodies Busy and Heads Clear

It was meant to be cold today. I’m not talking snowbanks and blizzards, but word had arrived at The Homestead regarding Thursday in which phrases like “wintery blast” and “closed alpine passes” were bandied about and, while it’s not that dramatic, outside is not a place I’m keen to be right now which is why I’m hunkering down with Farm Girl and her watch-cat, Mel

Finally, it’s blogging weather.

With the easing off of Lockdown, it was wonderful to see the Princess again – and not just because she helped up dig another lot of post holes for the pigsty.

Proof that many hands make light(er) work, but our shoulders were still sore the next morning

The following weekend, another Kingdom of Melton (West) taonga arrived; our future poaka parlour. Unlike the goat shed, this shipment did not require specialist transport due to a fortuitous trailer purchase by the resident prince, but did come with a royal pilot vehicle: The Queen, no less!

Socially responsible coffee seemed only right and fair after that!

Although The List stated work was to continue on the fence, a special offer on the hiring of a chipper was too good to pass up.

The shelterbelt is now prettying up the driveway garden. There was even enough left over to add a bit of pizzazz to the yard.

The pretty yard floor, the pile is gone, and through it all Farm Girl paints the fence to the sounds of her homegirl, Shania Twain πŸ™‚

So, here on The Homestead tasks continues to mount up – and we love it even if our bodies scream a bit. In a world where “normal” is on one hand sought after and on the other horrific, our body’s working helps our heads make sense of the senseless, reminding us of what’s important.

We send you all aroha, love, hope. Kindness…such an old-fashioned word.

15 thoughts on “Keeping Bodies Busy and Heads Clear

  1. Wow, a lot of changes in a short window of time! I gave the Maori dictionary a workout, lol, and think I got the gist of it all. Bacon in your future? LOVE the warning on the chipper. A good family friend is a tree service guy and comes with his machine when we need him, thankfully, Love that you were able to use the chips to good effect on the ‘stead. Our chips are usually mostly blackberry and aren’t much use for spreading as mulch in consequence. I would take Shania Twain over Kpop…

    • You know how it is with lists; you have a million things on them all depending on something else to be done first. In our case, everything seemed to be resting on getting the fencing wood. Once that happened, it was all on
      Glad I gave your librarian self a workout with the Maori 😁
      The outcome of the chips on the garden and yard is yet to be seen!
      As for music…you never know what you’re going to get stuck listening to, here 🀣

  2. I’ll have to keep well away from that chipper! You made my heart sink with news of wintery blasts. We have only just got to summer and winter doesn’t bear thinking about.

    • Your summer looks gorgeous and we really can’t (or shouldn’t) whinge as we’ve had a glorious autumn. I have no doubt you would have been able to hire the chipper without a second look😊

  3. How nice to have the Princess with you again! That chipper looks a powerful machine! It must have been good to have got rid of the large heap of shelterbelt prunings and have some useful chippings to spread about.
    Keep cosy and have fun with your pigs (when they arrive)!

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