In Covid Times…

Hi to you from the third week of Lock Down here on the Homestead. We’re all settling into this new normal

Zoom meetings require a quick costume change

in which you must remember to check whether our Resident Engineer is talking to the outside world from her workstation before launching into song, rant, or dodgy conversation;

Coffee Time is a serious business

the time exists for Farm Girl to perfect her milk frothing technique (to the delight of the rest of us). The world looks strange to who of us who venture into it;

5pm, Friday 28 March, Yaldhurst Roundabout. The Bean Counter can stop in his lane to document this is usually traffic-choked intersection, while The Farmer can’t help himself but pause in his work to photograph one of the repatriation flight aircraft. Lufthansa is not an airline we usually see here.

The Farmer ensures we keep up to date

and everything stops for the daily Covid updates, fronted by the Homestead’s hero, Dr Ashley Bloomfield. It’s a kind of Winston Churchill thing, we reckon.

“A turn around the Estate” has become part of the daily routine

Marilyn shakes hands for sheep nuts, Farm Girl observes from the grandstand, and Sandra is convinced the Milk Maid is standing on most delectable grass in the paddock.

although the time varies.

A reminder that it’s still not a bad planet

The silver lining in this whole surreal situation is the abundance of time; time in which old hobbies can be resurrected. The Farmer has once again picked up the camera

which makes us all happy.

Whatever your Lock Down looks like, we’re thinking of you all. This is a whole-planet thing – we’re all in it together – be safe, friends.

14 thoughts on “In Covid Times…

  1. Thank you for the catch up. Some great photos here – that one of the cat is gorgeous. I see that your fall colour is happening, as is our explosion of spring bulbs. The upside down world we live in. Having the busy of our lives removed has created this space in which we have time to think, time to connect as family as well as to intentionally connect with people we care about outside our bubble, even if only by digital means. I am glad to hear you are all well, pray that it stays that way. Incidentally, we ate the last of the Kiwi lollies last night – a pineapple lump and the tail end of the Whittakers. Happy Easter to all the Homesteaders and their friends at Melton (west).

  2. Good old Xanthe cat knows how to work the camera😊 You’re right about removing the busy; time currently exists for real conversation, full-on pondering, and unhindered, clear thinking. I am not a great one with time constraints and tend to live in a haze of mild panic. The big question is, how do I/we – those that have found value and peace in this horrendous cloud’s silverlining – hold onto it once “normality” returns.
    And you’ve stretched the lollies this far?! You guys are saints!🤣
    Happy Easter to you all, too. Are you all hunkered down together?

    • Thanks, Clare. I know we have it very easy compared to many. The chores still need to be done and there are always tasks to tackle and a myriad of things to keep you moving (and the space to move).

  3. Hi, I am wondering what the livestock think about the abundance of human presence in recent weeks. The Farmer’s photos are admirable. I especially like the kids, cat and rooster.

    • The Farmer has a good eye for photography but “the muse” isnt always there. With all that extra time, we definitely reaped the benefits! The sheep are pretty ambivalent about our increased presence but the goats think it wonderful and are learning more and more party tricks to attract attention 😁

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