Masterly Move

For a long time it seemed our resident engineer, The Goat Herd, was not destined to work in the industry she had spent four years training in. Although everything was cruising along very nicely, with her time split between earning a crust as a Teaching Assistant at the University and feeding those crusts out at the Homestead, when she was offered an innovation scholarship to turn her TA work into a Masters she was pretty happy. Maybe now all that knowledge would be used for more than reassuring the worrywart Milk Maid the pump house was more than capable of holding up the water tank and that the ute was up to carrying another row of hay bales.

Fast forward a year, Masters complete, and who would have thought that her future employment lurked not five minutes down the road. Because it did, and she now spends a good portion of her weekday in the employ of a like minded soul, designing bespoke equipment for bulk material handling. It’s got a lot to do with conveyors and stuff as far as the rest of us can determine.

This move to the country continues to reverberate to the old adage Some Things are Just Meant to Be. It’s something to smile about.

Like watching someone you love reap the reward for whole heap of work


12 thoughts on “Masterly Move

  1. Oh wow, that is FANTASTIC!! Congratulations Goat Herd :)…although I feel that another moniker might be called for at this point…and yes, it’s funny how often the opportunities and choices come out to validate a difficult decision. Those smiles say it all.

  2. SO-O-O happy for you, Anna. We all know it’s really all about the journey, but what a bonus to reach such a great destination🤩 Awesome family photo. What an attractive bunch‼️❣️ And all grown-up lovely Elsie ! When did that happen ❣️🎈

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