Sage Words -Shut Up and Eat Your Pie.

It was the turn of The Farmer and the Princess to play Sage this week but due to their hectic social calendar (they actually have a life πŸ™‚ ) it took the form of a dessert celebration. There were no complaints here.

The choice of comestible has echoes in the past – way back to our first sojourn to the City of Angels when The Farmer was five. It was on this trip he first sampled a chocolate cream pie; For him, it was life changing. Over the intervening years many many pies have been devoured in an attempt to sample once again that creamy, sweet, decadent treat without success. They were always too grainy, too sweet, too perfumed, too soggy, too jelly, too…well, you get the picture. So it will come as no surprised that, very near the top of his list, on our return to California, was penciled the desire to Find that Pie Place!

01 - 181c.JPG

We didn’t find the exact pie place, but Cocos Bakery Restaurant managed the seemingly impossible and delivered a pie that was deemedΒ *gasp* even better than the original. Many tastings were conducted, ideas were mooted, textures explored…

We knew, with their powers combined, Cocos Chocolate Cream Pie recreation was only a matter of time; Princess Nikita and The Farmer are a formidable force.

To accompany their pie triumph (as it certainly was) were some pretty deep and meaningful words.


Lively discussion ensued. Our resident engineer very kindly overlooked the use of her occupation label to describe a train driver (a great concession considering this can usually be depended on to elevate her blood pressure) in deference to the memory of the magnificent Corrie ten Boom.

But what did the words mean?

Was it a nod to a power greater than us? The sentiment that all adventures have a rough patch and perseverance is the key? The belief that everything happens for a reason? In a family of free-thinkers, interpretations were numerous, diverse, and loudly proclaimed.

The Farmer, literal to the end and not a great fan of controversy, ensured the party ended on a high by declaiming a sage thought to accompany his innocently chosen words. To disembark a locomotive whilst in motion, at any time, is foolhardy, to do so in a dark tunnel is utter madness whether you retain your ticket or not.

Sometimes you just need to be reminded to shut up and enjoy your pie.

14 thoughts on “Sage Words -Shut Up and Eat Your Pie.

  1. LOL, love the end of this one…I was trying to figure out if it meant something like trust the process or persevere, as you said, but yes, Farmer’s pithy practicality is perfectly sage. And the pie! Mmmm. We have a chocolate pie maker in residence here, who does a very nice gluten free version, very rich and fortunately for my waistline, not made too often. Love the topping on yours!

  2. That last sentence says it all. Very, very sage advice. As for chocolate cream pie…it is my absolute favorite, and I make it once or twice a year. Yours looks absolutely scrummy.

  3. Hi, When a version of a dish is sampled that scores 10 out of 10, it is very frustrating to sample sooooo many others which do not come up to the mark. Congratulations for finding another baker who scored 15 out of 10 and even more congratulations for being able to recreate the delicacy to perfection.
    I have no idea what a chocolate cream pie is – but is sounds wonderful.

    • It is utterly decadent and a little to rich for me without a large coffee to offset it all. There are those Homesteaders, however, who have the kind of constitution that thrives on this sort of thing. Oh to be young again πŸ™‚

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