A Girl and Her Goat

It’s been a crazy two months with the usual round of Homestead lessons being learnt.

Some lessons are followed by belly laughs, others by thankful utterances and a hearty handshake to the answerer our dumb “Blocky”* questions (cos that’s currency in the country), and, on one horrid occasion, hole digging and tears.

Every day’s a school day.

But the good always outweighs the bad – and Marilyn’s arrival has been all good.

Marilyn and Farm Girl are a pretty tight team;

One destined for awe-inspiring goat-agility displays if Farm Girl has her way.

A Girl and Her Goat; watch out Crufts, they’re on their way.

*Blocky: short for Lifestyle Block proprietor. Not always complimentary😊

17 thoughts on “A Girl and Her Goat

  1. Crocs and a fleecy in winter – she could be a Canuck :). Marilyn looks gorgeous. Blocky is not a word here, but the nuanced meaning that it implies certainly is. Oh dear, hole digging and tears implies a burial, not an auspicious start. I like the idea of FG and M doing agility together – but determined girl and stubborn goat, I dunno…still, the energy they’d burn. What is the plan for Marilyn? Milk? Breeding? 4H? Glad you’re settling in. And life would be boring if there weren’t things to learn, right?

    • Farm Girl has her own style, be it fashion or goatherding 😊 I burn energy just watching…the goat galloping in the paddock alongside the pushbike ridden at breakneck speed (while wearing crocs) is good for taking the breath away.
      Marilyn is hopefully going to replace Geraldine as chief milker. Leia’s milk is more niche market(lovely but limited) and Geraldine can milk no more but has taught us all so much she’s earned the Homestead retirement package…or we’re soft😊
      Oh the horrid holedigging…but at least we had the space…silver linings

    • Geraldine and Leia have ensured they are no longer the nasty sharp pointy things they were when she turned up, and they are both sticklers for good goat manners at all times. Marilyn is also a quick learner 😊

  2. Good to find out how you are all getting on. Farm Girl looks very determined; I’m sure she and Marilyn will do really well together πŸ˜€ It must all be exhausting work!

  3. I can’t wait to get goats again. I love the determination on the adorable true farm girls face. We had goats a few years back & one in particular was quite the Houdini(Emma), we were out one day & got home to find a note on our gate that 2 little 80yr old Nuns that live in our street had left, they had found Emma out in the middle of the road, so they had somehow dragged her down to there house so she would be safe I cannot even to this day imagine how 2 dear little old Nuns managed but they did, so it was free milk & a bit of work in their yard as a thankyou, for there caring.

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