Slow and Heavy Track

Farm Girl’s riding lesson last week was called off due to bad weather. It couldn’t happen two weeks in a row; Farm Girl just wouldn’t allow it.


We arrived with the patch of blue sky.


“It won’t last,” warned the guinea fowl.


“You’re not serious,” gasped the horses.


“This is not cool,” moaned Fonzie, Farm Girl’s favourite, “but seeing as we’re in here…”

“I may as well make an effort.”

Farm Girl, Mairehau Riding School, Robert the Unflappable, and the power of positive thought.

9 thoughts on “Slow and Heavy Track

    • She’s loving it and the place we’ve found is perfect for her…minimal but clear instruction, a dollop of being left to sort it out yourself, and the promise of a free lesson if you fall off followed up quickly with the reassurance that they’ve never had to give out a free lesson😊

  1. Hi, With the ground looking more suited to mud wrestling than horse riding, I am impressed Farm Girl persisted with the lesson. Errr, are these lessons a prelude to horse ownership?

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