An At Home Day

Monday’s are awesome. There’s nowhere we need to be; the whole day is ours to play with.

And when the day looks like This, it has to be filled up with outside chores.

Farm Girl was offered a choice: spend the day in the schoolroom or work super hard in the morning, tick everything off the list, and be The Farmer’s 2IC.

No prizes for guessing what she opted for. The two of them installed the driveway sensor and made great inroads into hanging our front gate.

While The Goat Herd and Milk Maid started the chicken coop make-over.

Not a bad day, all in all.

11 thoughts on “An At Home Day

  1. Hi, I look forward to seeing how the garden develops. If the current garden is mainly ornamental, you will have a free hand in creating the productive garden and you will know what the poultry and other stock can safely munch on.
    I think you are going to be pretty busy for a while setting up the facilities for your expanded farming life.
    But if you experience more days like the one in this post, it will be a pleasure being outside.

  2. A finest kind of day, as we would say in Maine. Also, a very good feeling at the end of such a productive day.

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