Sage Words – Changing

The Farmer’s Sage Words


came with home made Lollycake but no photographs * nom nom nom

There’s nothing more dispiriting than an empty apology


and there’s nothing more terrifyingly exciting than change.

We’re not sure where we’re heading but we know it will be somewhere with room to grow, fun to be had, and mistakes just waiting to be made.

11 - 103.JPG

It’s funny the decisions you make when you’re half a world away.

22 thoughts on “Sage Words – Changing

  1. Oh.My.Goodness! That came out of nowhere, although I’m sure in your non-blog world it’s been in the works for ages, but what a surprise to drop like that. I was going to blather on about how Eskimo lollies are just a Kiwi thing and how you lot have the most amazing array of sweets down there that the rest of the world doesn’t even know about, but I’m too shocked :). Also I really really like the sage words, but can’t focus on them as I should because…you’re selling up and moving….maybe more goats? Less goats? More space for a miniature train to run round the property…

    • Definitely more goats…we’ve already got the most beautiful little goat bloke called Archimedes (back to A again in animal names) cooling his heels on The Farmer’s old place of work. Sheep are part of the plan, meat birds plus layers, a started from scratch rotational wrapping garden layout…at this point anything is possible. We just need the right place. As for the train …you know us too well😊

  2. Well well well – did not see that in your future. How exciting, we of course cannot wait to hear where you settle and what you are up to. Lots of love and best wishes from the Tassie Macs.

  3. Hi, There is so much to unpack in this post – Brilliant sage words, What is a Lollycake? (Yes, I need pictures), Ray White’s tentacles have stretched across the Tasman to New Zealand, and aaaaahhh! You’re moving!! Is Princess Nikita moving too? How have the goats reacted? Which member of the family is going to lock themselves in their bedroom and refuse to come out?
    Moving – your life is put on hold while you sell and purchase. The process is all consuming. Good Luck!

  4. Hi Margaret! Lollycake is one of those recipes you learn at a young age
    No baking, decadent mix of malt biscuit crumbs condensed milk and butter with Eskimo lollies or fruit puffs mixed through. Chill and eat. Horrifyingly Moorish. Yep Ray White is definitely here and very strong here in Brighton. We’re actually movi g closer to the Princesses home. The goats are ambivalent. If there’s hay they’re happy😊 while were all sad to be moving were all very ready for a new adventure so hopefully we’ll all leave with our dignity intact!

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