Sage Words for the New Year

It seems to have been Farm Girl’s turn as Sage for a very long time now. Finally a not negotiable date and time were set, with the added bonus of a theme: A Victorian Tea Party.


A little artistic  licence was taken with the comestibles. I’m willing to put money on the absence of Mickey Mouse and Ampelmännchen shaped ginger cookies on Victoria and Albert’s table and highly doubt they would have tucked into a Prinsesstårta but the sponge, pineapple and sandwiches ticked all the authenticity boxes.

The words our Sage supplied (credited to Queen Victoria, but possibly spoken by Jenna Coleman) were agreed to be something we must all bear in mind as we weigh up the dying year and plan for 2018.


“We are All Allowed to Make Mistakes”

As for the standard of dress


when dining with royalty, only your best duds will do.


All the best for 2018;  from our castle to yours.

11 thoughts on “Sage Words for the New Year

  1. Hi, Tiaras………nice touch! The afternoon tea spread looks luscious! I hope you made short work of it.
    As for the sage words, I think many people could take them to heart. In our modern world people seem to be too ready to jump on those who do err!

    • Including themselves! Sometimes it seems that folk are too scared to have a go at something for fear of getting it wrong. I’m glad you liked the tiaras…We thought it added the necessary royal touch 😊

  2. Happy New Year to all of you! And what fun! I especially like the black and white photo of all of you looking very regal.

  3. This is such a fun post! I love the smiley coloured and stern regal b/w photos! The food looks so scrumptious! Well done Farm Girl! I must admit if I had a choice about making meals I would attempt delay and try renegotiating! 😀

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