Sage Words – Telling Stories

Despite my fellow Homesteaders hoots of derision regarding today’s quote source


(no, it is not made up; Ibn Battuta was possibly the world’s first ‘traveller’), they all agreed with the sentiment. Now we just have to find someone who stands still long enough to hear us.

In honour of our latest viewing fad (Victoria starring Jenna Coleman, or as we refer to her: Clara from Doctor Who), discovered on the in-flight entertainment system on that oh-so-long journey homewards, the words were accompanied by


what is meant to be a Victoria Sponge. Either I am well out of baking practice (which I am) or this is a dodgy recipe (this is my third attempt, all with similar deflated results), but what it lacked in airiness it made up for in taste.

No, it didn’t leave us speechless…many more stories remain!


11 thoughts on “Sage Words – Telling Stories

  1. Hi, See how quickly normal routines are re-established! Sage Words and the accompanying scrumptious morning/afternoon tea are back! Although, I suspect there are some routines where there is more reluctance to re-embrace.

  2. Now I know you’re home and things are back to normal on the homestead. And a sponge! Looks fine to me – cake, whipping cream, what could be bad about that? Victoria is on my “to watch” list, as I just saw a preview of it on some DVD from the library…

    • We’re really enjoying it. Good writing and acting in our humble opinion.
      The sponge was a bit of a flop although it tasted ok. I fear the lady in question would not have been amused by it 🙂

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