Visiting Eden

Up bright and early with pukus (tummies) full of complimentary breakfast,  we were off again.

First stop, for morning tea, was Plymouth. Then off to the place a couple of us had been looking forward to for a long time:


The Eden Project is amazing, reassuring, and inspiring. You have to admire the dedication and ability it takes to turn a clay quarry into an oasis capable of growing pretty much anything. It’s also reassuring that, with the same amount of effort and forethought, we all have this ability; as for inspiring: we’ve taken home a heap of ideas to try out our part of the planet.

It’s a big business now and I did wonder how many compromises had to be made to get the message out, and whether the message is sometimes lost in the hype, but we loved the energy and passion – and wonderful ideas.


Then it was off to St Just and our home for the next two days.

15 thoughts on “Visiting Eden

  1. I’ve seen a documentary about the Eden Project – it looks amazing, but it’s such an attraction now that I too have wondered if compromises have had to be made in the interests of promoting the general message of the place. But still -so cool. Did you play bowls on the Hoe, like Drake (not the rapper)?

  2. I was a bit disappointed with the Eden Project, possibly simply because there are other places which are also giving out these kinds of messages. They might not do – or be able to do – all the things you can see at Eden but they are lot easier for me to get to and have less of a theme park feel. So, I can understand your question about compromises. And at least you can say you’ve seen it!

  3. Hi, Just how many domes do you think you will be able to fit in your yard? It looks like the trip has been planned to have something for all members of your party – some special passion which can be indulged.

    • Maybe a couple of mini ones 🙂
      Everyone saved for the holiday so everyone gets a say on where we go…and we are all very polite when it’s someone else’s choice…sort of 🙂

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