Three Sleeps To Go

Since that round-the-dining-table conversation in which we decided we were serious about The Grand Tour – Union Homestead Style much has happened.

Some of it good; Some of it bad; Some of it just the stuff of life.

But despite it all, here we are: three sleeps away from stepping on the big, silver (well, black and white – yay, Air New Zealand!) bird and a whole, new chapter in the Union Homestead story.

This final Saturday Workday has been spent getting things ready for our wonderful house-sitters…


Jolene, so terrified by the thought of having her wings clipped, Β “hides” under coop-mate, Priscilla, while Kiki wonders what all the fuss is about.

The Goat Paddock received a bit of a spruce up and the houses were cleaned out and restrawed…


much to Geraldine’s delight

and Miss Leia’s awry goat hooves were given their final trim


after which we turned a blind eye to her sneaking a couple of extra mouthfuls

The bags are all-but packed, the bookings double-checked, and the Homestead has seen a steady stream of holiday well-wishers; the oven still needs cleaning but maybe I’ll just “forget” that chore. Heartstrings are starting to be tugged by the thought of leaving our menagerie for such a long time but the bubble of excitement in our collective tummies is growing by the minute.

First stop Los Angeles and the Happiest Place on Earth. If you’re in the vicinity, keep an eye out for our band of bedraggled Kiwi hillbillies.



18 thoughts on “Three Sleeps To Go

  1. Happy travelling and all the luck in the world.keep you safe and well on your journey. It’s four years now since I did the journey in the opposite direction so I shall be thinking about you/

  2. Bon Voyage and a safe trip. I was reading on a traveller’s blog that the most lasting memories of a trip are the small, unexpected occurrences – the most delicious icecream, an unplanned treat, a surprising aspect of street life – rather than the famous monuments and sights. So I hope you are blessed with many small, unexpected occurrences.

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