Announcing the Arrival…

We’ve been a little tardy in posting this announcement. 


Apart from being a in a constant state of so-much-to-do;-so-little-time, we also wanted to ensure all was well before we started crowing.

But the time has now arrived.

Cock-a-Doodle-Dooo! Geraldine’s babies have been born. 

Our paddock matriarch had a tougher time with these little boys. When The Bean Counter checked on her at 10.30pm last Friday night, she was settled for the night doing that blinky eyed, cud chewing thing goats do when lumbering humans burst into their paddock flashing their phone screens around. In the morning she was tending three little bloke goats and looking very tired. When she tried to get to her feet two things became obvious: one of her babes had not survived and Geraldine’s legs were not co operating. 

Steve the Vet diagnosed Birth Paralysis, a temporary ailment that often follows difficult births, and prescribed waiting and seeing; as per usual, Steve the Vet was right. Geraldine is still a little doddery on her pins but when we spied her kicking one of her offspring out of the way in order to beat Leia to the foodbowl this morning  we knew our stroppy, maternally-challenged girl was well on the road to recovery.

Miss Leia, despite having the visit to Batchelors One and Two arranged according to her body patterns, is once again playing the maiden aunt, the two new arrivals are finding their way through paddock politics (both having discovered this is not under Miss Leia), and we human Homesteaders have ticked another dreaded first, a less than perfect goat birthing, off our We’ll Have to Face it One Day List.


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13 thoughts on “Announcing the Arrival…

  1. Hi, Two questions come to mind-names? Have the kids been named yet? Does the difficult birth mean this is Geraldine’s final pregnancy? And final questions, Miss Leia – When do you anticipate her delivery? How much bigger can she get???

    • No names as yet. We generally say we won’t name as they will be sold and then end up naming then anyway – watch this soace 😊
      At the moment our plan is to give Geraldine a break next year but when the vet is next here we’ll ask his advise.
      As for Leia…who knows whats happening inside her: are there babies or just too much food? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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