Sage Words Sunday -A Break Away

As we’ve said many times before, everyone on the Homestead has their strengths. That’s what makes the place so strong; everyone taking responsibility for the things they excel in while neatly sidestepping the rest. The Bean Counter, for example, assumes the ongoing happiness and well being of all on the Homestead as his ultimate duty. He is our supreme caretaker and protector and, as such, has been sorely taxed lately as our collective mood has been rather blue. Another of his strengths is the stockpiling of “interesting facts”. This makes him first pick for any quiz team but does prompt the odd heavy sigh and eye roll around the dinner table with his  catchphrase, “I heard an interesting fact today…”

Charlemagne’s table cloth (it was asbestos and his party piece was to chuck it on the fire, apparently) and Al Capone being responsible for the “best before” date on milk are currently two of his favourites, but it was another “interesting fact” combined with his role as Homestead guardian that resulted in this week’s Sage Words.


Declaring we all needed a break away from the everyday that was so grinding us down and bearing in mind an actual holiday (with the Union Homestead’s World Tour 2017 taking all available savings) was out of the question, we were welcomed to our virtual break away…in Austria. The quote reminded us ugly is just a state of mind while the soundtrack (an eclectic mix of authentic Austrian yodelling and Falco) made us all smile, but there was one thing we all wanted to know.

Why Austria?

“Well, I found this interesting fact,” he began and for once no one sighed (or maybe it wasn’t audible over Rock Me Amadeus), “that the oldest cake recipe in the world is the Linzertorte, named after the city of Linz in Austria, so I thought I’d give it a go. Apparently it dates back to…” and he was off.


I’m ashamed to say we all zoned out after that, revelling in the rapture that was our individual portion of this delectable Austrian tradition and leaving the table a long while later feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalised from our pseudo break away.  The only thing missing was a sprig of Edelweiss which, incidentally * interesting fact * it is illegal to pick in Austria.

12 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday -A Break Away

  1. I think our youngest is probably related to your Bean Counter, at least in regards to “interesting facts”. I will not be showing her this post…she would undoubtedly have all sorts of side facts to illustrate them – like the reason for the prohibition on picking eidelweiss, or how all proverbs go back to some Indo-European culture or something. Sorry to hear moods are still a bit blue, but surely yodelling and historically significant cake are the perfect pick me ups. Happy Easter!

    • The fug is definitely lifting. Being so self indulgent and pitiful gets boring after a while and you’re right… there’s just something about yodelling that makes you smile 😊

  2. Haha and Here was I convinced that no one but the resident Spurs fan (football nothing kinky here) was the only one who even knew who Falco was.
    Hope I’m not adding to the funk but so sorry to hear about poor Dave. Know you will miss him a lot.
    On a happier note the godson managed to prove everyone wrong (again!) and has landed a great job without hardly having to leave the comfort of his bedroom. He must have left for an hour or so as he passed his driving test the same day.
    Lovely cake photos are making me think it’s time to catch up again. Sure we can induce a few grins possibly even a laugh or a full on guffaw.

    • Very pleased to hear of Godson’s double triumph. Never doubted him for a moment. Yep very much missing Dave but for the rest fug is lifting. Think it fair to say we’re not on the MoE’s Christmas card list at the moment…definitely a story to be shared over coffee and cake i the near future 😊

  3. Cake is always good for lifting the spirits… whether it has history or not. And Falco and yodelling rather than Haydn or Strauss. Of course he could have also brought a cat along (or possibly not) as Schroedinger was Austrian!

    • Falco was an inspired choice…he was singing about Mozart…two birds with one stone😀 As for S’s cat…it has appeared at the Homestead table way too many times for my liking and is usually seen off by my bad tempered and befuddled “Who cares?!” 😀

  4. What a good idea having a virtual holiday! I think I might try to organise one of those for the week after next (next week is sadly just too busy). Austrian cakes are ‘the business’ – I have sampled many delectable treats when in Falco-land. I hope your blues disappear very soon 🙂

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